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If you never heard of the Curling sport, I am here to share all about curling in this guide. However, the game or sport which we are going to discuss is not really one of the world’s most popular sports, nor it is the one highly shown on television and receives much coverage. Or it is not even the game that people would like to play forever.

Although, the sport is very tough and a highly fascinating game. Due to this, it has a very well-deserving nickname which is called the “Chess on ice”. The game was invented in Scotland in the 16th century and it is very popular in the United Kingdom which is mainly Scotland. Besides, it is also very known in many other countries to which the Scots have already exported it.

These countries include Canada, the US, Sweden, New Zealand, and even Switzerland. Moreover, curling is excessively played in a number of other countries as well which enlist many famous areas of Europe, Japan, China, and even Korea.

So, being this famous and of a very well deserving nature, the game gains a lot of attention of many players worldwide. Therefore, it has the following description and I am going to state everything about it. Please keep reading!

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The Ultimate Objective Of Curling Sport:

This sport of curling has a very clear objective which finds its similarities to the bowls and the shuffleboard or deck game. With that, it involves the sliding granite, some stones which are also called rocks into a specific target area at the other end of a thin, long strip of the ice. Such ice constitutes the “pitch”.

The team usually propels their full rocks which go to the closets to the center of the target. This score points accordingly. And these points happen with the path of the stone influenced by the full team members who sweep and brush the full ice ahead of the stone to alter its speed or curl.

The Players Inside Curling Sport:

This game of curling is usually played between a total of two teams. These two teams are based upon the total of four players using eight granite stones for each.

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The Equipment Inside Curling:

There are some special types of equipment to be used in an official match of curling. These include the following in particular.

The Pitch:

The pitch being used inside this game is usually flat or a smooth area of the ice. This is based on the smooth areas of ice measuring 45-46m long. And the width of that flat area should be 4.4-5m wide. With that, there is a “house” at each end which is a circular target usually made up of a blue outer circle. This has a 12ft diameter that includes a white circle. This white circle is usually inside that with a diameter of a total of eight feet and there is a red circle with a diameter of a total of four feet.

The Stones Inside The Curling Sport:

The stones being used in this sport themselves have a weight of 17 and 20kg. Besides, the least 11cm high with a full maximum circumference of 91cm. These must also have a handle that shall be attached to the top side of the Curling Sport. These stones are made from a highly strong granite material and the handles are usually red on one side and yellow on the other.

The Sweepers Inside The Curling Sport:

There is a total of two sweepers who follow the rock down plus the ice. They use brushes and brooms. These brushes and the brooms are made from fabric or horsehair. Besides, there are no real restrictions on the materials from which it is constructed. Moreover, the player wears curling shows which are broadly similar to most standard trainers. These standard trainers except that one sole are smooth to enable sliding.

The Rest Needed Equipment:

The players inside the game usually use or wear gloves with that, they must need some specific type of curling trousers and there shall be a stopwatch. All these pieces of equipment must be there to understand the right pace of the ice and the exact need for clean sweeping.

How Scoring Is Done In Curling?

Scoring is so simple and basically done after each “end”. You need to understand that an end is being a set where both teams have thrown all the eight stones. Any team which will be closest to the center of the house will be awarded a point. Besides, some further points will also be awarded for each stone out there.

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This stone has to be closest to the best of the oppositions. Plus, in order to score any number of points, there shall be at least one stone that should be “in the house”. this stone is to say touching any of the circles or overhanging them. This happens due to the shape of the stones.

How To Win Inside Curling?

Eventually, the winner is the one who scores more points and the team which actually does it is called the winner of the game at the end of all the ends when completed. In curling, most matches usually take place over ten or sometimes even eight ends.

However, if the scores of both teams are leveled up after the right allotted number of ends, then an extra sudden death end should be played by the teams. This will decide the absolute winner of the game.

The Rules To Follow Inside Curling:

The game has some determined and selected rules for playing it. One has to follow all these rules in order to make sure that they are playing this game keenly and with all the respected disciplines.

Teams And Players:

The teams of total of four players take it in turns for curling two solid rocks towards the specified target area. They have a mind of doing more scores which shall be being counted after 16 rocks have been completely sent down to the ice.

The Timing Inside International Matches:

All those matches played internationally, have a usual time limit of almost 73 minutes per side. Plus, they include two timeouts which usually last for a minute each. These 10 minutes and one timeout are randomly permanent and are permitted per extra end in the event of a full tie.

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Releasing The Stone:

The stone inside this game must be released at its front edge and crosses a line which is called the hog. There shall be a foul in which throws are removed from the ice. And this happens even before they have come to the rest or are in contact with some other rocks.

The Sweeping:

The sweeping inside curling may by done normally by a total of two members of the team which happens up to the total tee line. On the other hand, after that point, only one player can go for brushing. And after the tee, one player from the opposing side may also go sweeping.

The First Team Going To Play:

Whichever team will play the first will is totally decided upon by tossing a coin. Or it shall be based upon “Draw-to-the-button”. But in Olympic Competition, using the Win-loss records, a team is decided on which shall always play first.

However, if there is any team that fails to score in the previous end, has the full advantage of going last. It is called a hammer throw.

Team Conceding:

If any team feels that it cannot win, it may concede. However, depending on the event and the stage, they may have to wait until a certain number of ends have been completed.

Fair Play:

In curling, fair play is usually of huge importance so there is a full culture of self-refereeing with the regard to fouls. And this is usually the big part of curling.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, curling is something much energetic and highly appreciated gameplay that would make you die for the team match. There is nothing you may find difficult or hard to approach. So, you can read all about curling in this guide and shall let me know all of your related queries. I am here to provide you with the needed answers.

But for all reasons, thanks for being here and spending your quality time. Please keep visiting for the more latest information about different types of sports. Have a very nice day!

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