All About Dart Rules

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Do you know all about dart rules? Because if you don’t, you are most welcome to this post. Today, in this one, I will let you know everything related to this dart game. The dart, being a “sport” still many argue and believes that it is a game. They say that it is usually played between the pubs and the players competing inside it doesn’t really need any physical fitness or skills. However, darts are undoubtedly an activity in which that Britain Excels a great deal. The sport has been here and created when the soldiers began to throw some short arrows to cut the tree trunks. Or they did it alternatively at the bottom of the cask.

During this activity, as the wood-dried cracks appeared, it created sections that steadily and over a large period of time became some set scores for this sport. From there, they albeit arrived at many regional and international variations of the sport.

Therefore, reading about this masterpiece would really be worth it if you have seen it so many times in the movies and don’t know about it at all. Please keep reading till the end.

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The Current Status Of Darts All Over The World:

The famousness of this one-of-a-kind can be known by simply seeing that the sport is being played in many parts of this world. But especially, the countries with the former commonwealth, they have a high trend of playing this super duper game. These countries include the Netherlands, United States, Belgium, Scandinavia Etc. For darts, there is a total of two main governing bodies that are very professional.

These include the PDC and BDO. Between these, the later governing body has a longer running of the two. , given the presence of the sport in almost all pubs and bars, it is probably one of the largest participatory sports which is recognized and being played all over the world.

The Main Objective Of The Darts:

The standard version of this game is 501 in the competitions. Here the object of a player is to completely “Check Out” by getting your score down to level 50 or even less before the ending of the game. Or it could be by reaching to the zero by either throwing a double or a bullseye with one of your final darts.

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The Equipment Inside Dart:

This game of darts does not require more equipment than recommended. You will need a board with the darts themselves to play this game. You will know that one of the most basic reasons for making this game a full success is its smaller number of equipment.

The Standard Board Size:

The standard board which is used now was officially created in 1896 by the Lancashire Carpenter with the aim of penalizing the most inaccurate throwing. This will be done by keeping very large numbers apart. Plus, then boarding them with the small numbers of the board. Even though, mathematicians have argued longed enough over one of the best board layouts for the purpose of minimizing the reward for all those seriously inaccurate efforts. However, the current design of this board is pretty good considering.

More Information About The Board:

The board used inside this game is usually made from very compressed sisal fibers. However, the modern boards are usually in the electronic versions which are the most accepted norms. But this was not the same all the time. Because in those early days and after the First World War, the darts game was especially played by using a little heavy and solid wood board. It was made from the elm and the clay versions were also subsequently trailed in those early areas.

The Exact Size Of The Board For Darts:

In case of a standard board, it has the following dimensions. Please have a look!

  • It should be 17¾ inches (451mm) in diameter.
  • It must be divided into almost 20 radial sections by the thin metal wire.
  • These sections are then numbered from 1-20 and contain a very thin section at almost the outer edge (double). Plus, it has a very slight or smaller area midway towards the center (treble).
  • On the other hand, the bullseye, or simply the “Bull” is relatively a small circle. It is usually in red color.
  • At the very center of the board, it must be surrounded by the larger, and green outer bull.
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Usage Of Darts:

To play the game, darts must be used and these are usually used by using a full combination of metal, Nylon as well as plastic for gaining points and barrels. Plus, shafts and fletching.

Moreover, the needed or recommended size and style of the dark will usually vary which will be according to the player’s style and ability. Or it doesn’t matter what pub you are supposed to be in. However, these darts must always weigh no more than 50g. Plus, they should not be longer than 300mm.

How Does Scoring Happen Inside Dart?

In an official Dart gameplay, a player scores points by throwing the darts at the board. Here, each player has a chance of throwing almost three darts on their very turn with the maximum score of being 180 at the moment. These must be achieved by simply hitting total of three treble 20s. On the other hand, the bull is usually 50 points worth. Besides, the outer ball should be 25 points and the in addition to that, there are various numbers of scores with their very own value. Unless these are doubled or trebled depending on the current situation of the outer rim.

How To Win Inside Dart Game?

To win this masterpiece, a player must and should always reach zero by hitting a double or a bull.  But for that, they must have got their score at first from down the 501 starting point. Anyone who is cable of doing so will ultimately win the leg. And the first to three legs will eventually win the match or a full set of matches.

However, here, most matches are normally played “best of” a defined (odd) number of sets. Here, the sport’s biggest prize is the PDC world championship. Such a thing involves a final that is with the best of 13. Therefore the winner must be the one who will be at first to the total of seven sets.

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All Rules Of Darts Sport:

Depending on the several organizing bodies, the rules and regulations for this game might be different. But the general rules still remain the same which are given as follows.

The First Player:

The player who takes the first turn is usually decided by throwing a single dart each with the nearest to the bull talking the first throw.

Three Darts:

A Full throw is usually based and consisted of a total of three darts unless and until the game is won by the fewer.

The Counted Darts:

The darts on the board are counted and usually the ones that bounce or fall out. These will not be counted by and thrown again.

If Player Scores More Points:

If any player scores more than their most remaining points, their total throw ends and they scored zero. For instance, if there are 16 remainings, and accidentally hit a 20 with their first dart.

Throwing Darts:

The darks are usually thrown from a very clearly marked toe line, which is often called the Oche. At least, there shall be 7ft 9/1/4 I from the board. This would be measured horizontally.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if you have read this guide up till this end, you probably have known all about dart rules. The game is very simple and easy to understand even for a newbie like you. Just read each headline clearly and develop an understanding for yourself of how to play this dart sport. But if you struggle with queries and have any doubts, you are most welcome to send your valuable questions to me.

But thanks for being here today. And serving yourself with this energetic post. Take good care of yourself and keep visiting for more content regarding sports. Have a nice day!

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