General Rules of Athletics

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Be seated and make yourself comfortable because today, I will make you aware of what Athletics is and what the athletics rules are. This guide will provide detailed knowledge and data on all the things covering athletics and provide the necessary information you should know. If you are a sports enthusiast, you would love to read, and if you have already started, don’t leave pacing with me.

So, basically, when it comes to defining athletics, it is nothing more than just a collection of sports events. In Athletics, there comes a wide array of games, including taking part in the running, throwing, jumping, walking, and doing stuff like that.

This game does have a history that begins from ancient times when several people used to compete with each other in events like running, throwing, or jumping.

This means the game holds great importance, and still, it is one of those highly played in the world, especially it has a vast part in Olympics games.

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Athletics Participation In Olympics:

In the ancient Olympics in Greece, the Athletic events were originally prevalent, starting from just running a simple race to slowly and smoothly expanding over time. It includes various running, throwing, and a couple of jumping events.

However, these days, Athletics plays a vast part in the Olympics because silver, bronze, and Gold medals are distributed to the players.

These players participate and win in all those championships organized indoor or outdoor when the Olympics event comes. Moreover, there are also some famous World Championships that include Athletics in them.

List Of Athletics Games For Men:

When it comes to men who can participate in games and enlist how many are out there, look at the below-described list. Because this one would provide you with all the fun that comes under the men’s column in Athletics.

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Long RacesHurdlesRelayJumping and OthersRace Walk
100 meters race110 Meters4 × 100 meters relayHigh jump20 kilometers race walk
200 meters race400 meters4 × 400 meters relayPole vault50 kilometers race walk
400 meters race3000 meters race of steeplechase Long jump 
800 meters race  Triple jump 
1500 meters race  Shot put 
5000 meters race  Discus throw 
10000 meters race  Hammer throw 
Marathon Race  Javelin Throw 

These are some of the highly played and widely known races when you need to decide which to participate. Go for any of these if you think you are a man and have the ability to compete. Ultimately, winning will become your motive.

List Of Athletics Games For Women:

Having or organizing a list for men doesn’t mean that women cannot participate in Athletics. Yes, they do, and there are multiple games in which they can participate. Women can also show that they have the talent and will to play these rebellion games. In this regard, the games women may be interested in playing in the Athletics are given as.

Long RacesHurdlesRelayJumping and OthersRace Walk
100 meters race110 Meters4 × 100 meters relayPole vault20 kilometers race walk
200 meters race400 meters4 × 400 meters relayLong jump 
400 meters race3000 meters race of steeplechase Triple jump 
800 meters race  Shot put 
1500 meters race  Discus throw 
5000 meters race  Hammer throw 
10000 meters race  Javelin throw 
Marathon Race  Heptathlon 

Main Objective Of The Athletics:

Since Athletics contains a plethora of games, there are multiple things for players to do. However, the primary purpose of playing any game never changes.

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This purpose is nothing more than just winning the game and defeating your relevant participant. When a participant is running, he must run faster than the opponent to win the race.

When he is jumping, that jumping must be quick and sharper than the other guy. And when the contestant has his head in which he has to throw something, he must do it perfectly to make things work in his favor.

But when it comes to games like decathlon or heptathlon, these events have multiple events.

Therefore, your objective will change to collect points rather than just running or winning. So, collect as many points as you can and perform with your best intentions to win in every single event.

Rules Of Athletics:

As mentioned earlier, athletics is not a single game, so for every different game, there will be a different set of rules. However, this depends on the organization or body organizing that particular game.

But despite everything, there are still general things to know when you follow athletics to understand everything about it.

Equipment And Participants:

On basic things, Athletics include a complete set of equipment that consists of some vests, training shoes, and shorts.

However, some particular games may have some special requirements. I have enlisted some games with their special equipment that a player will need to play it. Please have a look!

  • Javelin Throw requires you a Javelin to play.
  • Hurdles must have some crafted or handmade hurdles running on the track.
  • A Hammer throw includes a hammer that you need to pick in your hand and throw as far as possible. Or it could be different to play in other cases.
  • In Shot Put, you need a shot.
  • And when there is a game being played with the name of Discus throw, you need discus.
  • Moreover, when a player starts to play Pole Vault, he needs a pole to fulfill the game’s requirements.
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On top of these, there are more games with more specific requirements that need to be fulfilled before you enter the battlefield.

Scoring In The Athletics:

In the traditional sense, the events based upon scoring are heptathlon and decathlon. That’s because the possibilities are based on multiple activities.

Competitors participate, play, win and get points according to the prescribed event. When a particular competition ends, the players with the most significant issues are called the winners. Ultimately they are the ones who should be awarded, Gold Medal!

Winning In Different Events:

Defining this is so simple because when there are multiple events, of course, there will be various ways to win the game. Please have a look at what I have here for you!

In Racing—All you have to do is run as fast as possible to win.

In Walking—When a player is participating in the Walking competition, all he has to do is walk as firmly and fastly as possible. To defeat the opponent, that’s the strategy you will apply.

In Throwing Events—The participant has to throw as further as possible.

In Jumping Events—Jumping requires you to jump higher and further than your competitor to win.

Prize Distribution:

In Athletics, different prizes are given to the players according to their rank in a particular set of games.

  • The one who comes First is awarded a Gold Medal.
  • Who comes second is awarded a Silver medal.
  • And the one who comes third is awarded a bronze medal.

But when a player doesn’t get any rank or comes at the end of the line, he doesn’t reward.

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Final Thoughts:

Athletics games are widely played and much famous globally. Because this single head has multiple games in it with unique rules and distinctive ways to play, if you keep seeing the Olympics games, you will have a better idea of these games. So, I hope that I have covered the most regarding Athletics Rules in this guide. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate and comment in the box.

Hence, this was all for today, and see you soon on another update on another game. May the blessings be on your way!

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