General Rules of Bar Billiards

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Bar Billiards is a game that originated out of Russia and has been taking the UK by storm in recent years. It can best be described as a cross between pool, snooker, and carrom with some variations thrown into the mix for good measure! The history of this exciting new table sport dates back to when an Englishman spotted it being played while on vacation in Belgium over 100 years ago; he then brought Bar Billiards home to England where its popularity quickly spread across southern regions such as Sussex County.

General Rules oF Ball Billiards

In the game of Billiards, instead of pockets there are holes that allow for balls to go in. These holes are sunk into a table resembling a normal billard’s table but with one major difference: players aren’t allowed to use anything other than their hands and cue sticks. There is an association overseeing this game called All England Bar Billiards Association which consists of many different county associations such as Kent, Norfolk, Surrey etcetera who each have their own rules on how things should be done like determining what kind or size ball must be used based off its weight. The championship tournament happens every year where they only invite British-born players from countries across Europe including Ireland and France.

Players & Equipment

Bar Billiards is a game that closely resembles a normal billiard table, but features pockets in the form of holes. A Bar Billiards table measures 56″ x 33.5″. It has five short lanes on one end and four long lanes on the other end for each player to shoot balls into their opponent’s pocket from across the room!

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The Bar Billiards game essentially has a point system where the player’s goal is to pot white balls in holes on the table. When this happens, they roll into an end-of-table trough and their points are tallied up based both on how many were potted as well as what hole it was that they landed in. The most valuable of these holes being worth 200 points if all three white balls land there consecutively; other skittles also exist but only one red ball for use when needed by players and can be strategically placed around whichever black piece you place first at any time during gameplay just like Snooker or Pool tables.

The other skittles are white and red and the possible formations are as follows:

  • 1 black skittle and 3 red skittles
  • 1 black skittle, 2 white and 1 red
  • 1 black skittle, 2 white or 2 red

The skittle formation varies depending on where the game is played, with different areas of the UK favouring different layouts.


A player scores by taking a white or red ball from the trough at the end of the table and striking it with the cue with the goal of hitting another ball on the table and causing it to fall down a hole. The player was awarded the number of points that the hole in which the ball fell was worth. The majority of players prefer to play with a red ball since it doubles the number of points in each pocket.

Black Billiards is a challenging and thrilling game to play, where players can lose points by committing fouls. These include:
-Causing the black skittle to fall over
-A ball returning back behind the baulk line
-Taking a shot but failing it or hitting something else other than another ball on your table (e.g., knocking off one of two white balls)
If any of these occur then that player’s turn ends and they must start from zero again!

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Games of Bar Billiards are normally played on a coin-operated machine, which can only operate for as long as the machine is paid for. One payment normally lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, thus the one who has the most points at the conclusion of the time is called the winner.

Rules of Ball Billiards

  • The start of a game of Bar Billiards is delayed until a coin toss determines who gets to play first.
  • The player chosen to start picks a white or red ball from the trough at the end of the table, places it in the D and then hits it with the intention of striking another ball, resulting in one of the balls falling down a hole and scoring a point.
  • If a player makes a scoring shot, they are given another chance and must stay at the table until they make a scoring shot or foul.
  • The opposing player then has a turn at the table, selecting a white or red ball to hit in the hopes of one of them falling into a hole and gaining points. This player will stay at the table until he or she scores a point or commits a foul.
  • The players continue to score points by taking turns at the table until the game time runs out and the Bar Billiards table stops working.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the highest score is proclaimed the winner.

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