General Rules Of Korfball

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You are invited to know all the general rules of korfball which is a Dutch Game that is known and played or rooted in basketball as well as netball. This is basically a team game that can be played by having almost 8 players on each side. These sides may often include 4 males and four females playing together, scoring and winning the game from the opponent player. Eventually, the scoring points here or simply saying the goals would be done after putting the ball through the opposition’s raised basket.

Therefore, such an enthusiastic game is here to become your significant portion of the day. Please keep reading till the end to know all rules of korfball precisely. Let’s have a look!

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The Brief History Of Korfball Sport:

The history of this sport goes back to the year 1902 when it was invented by Schoolteacher named Nico Broekhuysen who was Dutch School teacher and invented this sport. He got this inspiration to give the world this game from a Swedish game and he got his own mission of deciding and formulating his own brand new version of the game. That was the time when the game was introduced to the Netherlands.

However, the game had to face many controversies at that time because the game gave the idea of playing it with both male and female genders. This idea offended many people. But despite this, the game’s popularity started rising and it was ultimately included in the Olympic games in the years 1928 and 1920. At that time, it was a demonstration sport. But it never made itself become a regular Olympic activity which was an extremely sad condition for the Korfball.

Korfball At Present:

These days, the game is to be played all across the globe and it is present in both North America as well as South America. Plus it is also played in Africa, Asia, And even Europe. There is a regular event for this game is conducted being a significant part of the World Games but not the Olympics. However, in this game, the two most successful nations are currently known as the Netherlands and Belgium.

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The governing body which keeps an eye on and conducts its matches all across the world is IKF (The International Korfball Federation). It has a huge task of promoting this game all around the world with a mission and taking care of all of its rules as well as regulations. Till this point, the task has been much success with the IKF which has made this game popular in almost 66 countries as its total members.

The Ultimate Objective Of The Korfball:

The sport gives the ultimate objective of scoring more goals than all the opposition and trying to win this game. Here, the players always do this by working as a full team sports to move the ball upfield until they are able to get into an ultimate position where they can shoot the ball into their rival’s net.

However, this game is a full support team game in which there is a need for a high degree of teamwork plus communication. This is required by the players or team members to be very successful at this. Moreover, there is a need for a full level of physical fitness and ball skills required.

The Players Inside The Korfball:

The total number of players in this game includes 8 team members. This set of players includes 4 male teammates and four female teammates. These all play together and the rival team should also have the same variation of players.

The Equipment Required Inside Korfball:

The first piece of equipment inside the game is the court itself. This court has to be almost 20m x 40m. But if the game is played in any outdoor environment, this course should be around about 30m x 60m. Here, both the nets fixed inside the court should be mounted on the top of a 3.5m pole.

Moreover, the ball with which the players play this game should be a round number 5 type ball that should also be approved by the IKF to play here. The weight of this ball should be 445g and 475 g. Besides, this ball should have a circumference of almost 68 cm and up to 70.5 cm.

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Despite all these, there is no need for any other equipment. But in some sort of individual leagues, the players or team members may require to wear a suitable strip plus some sort of training shoes to perform nicely.

How Does Scoring Happen In Korfball?

Here, the scoring is very simple and contributes to the fast-paced nature of this Korfball. In this sport, there will be a goal when the ball would be thrown through the opposition’s net. In that case, both the teams try their level best to work the ball up the field and place themselves in an attacking position to shoot.

But if the player has been defended, they may not try to take a shot. This is supposed to be the position in which a player positions themselves between the attacker and the net within an arm’s length from them.

How Does Winning Happen In Korfball?

Inside the game of Korfball, it is won when there is one team ultimately scoring a greater number of points than the opponent team’s goals. However, if there is an end of the game and the scores are eventually leveled up, then the game would be declared a draw.

In all those cup games of the tournaments where a winner is usually required, it may be decided by a total shoot-out. Here, the decision would be decided depending upon the individual requirements of the game. So, the game which will be at the top winning more points will be called the winner of the game.

General Rules Of Korfball:

The game’s rules are decided by IKF which includes the following limited set of rules. One should always have these in mind while playing this game.

Court And Team Players:

The court should be 20m x 40m when playing in any indoor environment. And it should be around 30m x 60m when playing outdoor.

The team members would be 8 total players consisting of four males and four females. This is something distinctive you would find inside this game.


The matches inside the game have two total halves. These halves have 35 minutes interval in which there is a 10-minute halftime break. The players may get some refreshment during this break.

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Every Half:

Every half in a Korfball match has to have four players and during a single match, they are not allowed to switch zones. To start this game, a coin is tossed and should be decided who would be the first player to play the Korfball.

When The Goal Has Been Scored:

Once in a Korfball match a single team has done a goal by putting the ball into the Opposition’s basket, it should be an ultimate aim for the players to keep doing more and more.

When Two Goals Has Been Scored:

When there are total two number of goals have been scored, the teams are allowed to change the zones. Here, the attackers would become the defenders and vice versa. Moreover, these teams also swap ends at a half-time.

When The Ball Is Received:

On the receiving side of the ball, a player should never dribble, run or walk with it. However, he can move almost one foot with one remaining planted to the ground as in the Netball.

Not Allowed:

The Tackling, holding, and blocking of other players is not allowed in the Korfball.

The Winner:

The winner would be the team which eventually does more score at the end of the match. However, the game would be declared a draw if both teams are equal on the points at the end of the match.

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I am happy to share the general rules of Korfball in which men and women play equally as a participant. It is probably the first game in which there is something unique to see like having both genders. The rules are very simple to follow but strong fitness and communication throughout the matches are required for the players to win these matches. Hence, I hope that you liked reading this post and if you really did, I would appreciate it. Such a big thanks to you for being here.

Take good care of yourself and keep visiting more latest blogs. Have a charming day!

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