Platform Tennis Rules

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You are most welcome to meet another similar version of tennis in knowing all platform tennis rules inside this guide. The Platform Tennis is a racquetball invented by Fessenden Blanchard and James Cogswell In New York City in the 1920s. These guys had a dream to have an alternative game to tennis that they could also play in the winter seasons.

This game is played on a raised platform, allowing heating equipment to be placed under the court. And then it comes along with the presence of Lighting that allows the sport to be played for the whole year in the outdoor environment.

However, the tennis version of the game was officially played as Singles And Doubles Versions. But this Platform Tennis is played Solely as a doubles game. The game has no World Association platform that may help organize the game’s matches. But there are many National Organizations across the globe, among which the American Platform Tennis Association is the most famous.

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The Main Objective Of The Game:

The main objective of this Platform Tennis game is for one pair of players to defeat their opponent by winning at least two out of a total of three sets, collectively making up a Platform Tennis Match.

Since it is important to believe that the game is played in pairs, there is an ultimate need for excellent cooperation and understanding between the players. Moreover, the game is being played on a court which is alternatively a way smaller than the court we see in the regular Tennis Game.

Also, it states that as the court has a smaller size, there are chances for the balls to go outside the court in a normal style akin to the Squash. Therefore, those players must also have a good fitness level to compete in this game.

Equipment Inside The Platform Tennis Sport:

The first piece of equipment is in the form of a court, which has dimensions of 44 feet long and 22 feet wide. It has markings exactly constructed in the same way as a regular Tennis Court Does.

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Moreover, there is a net integrated into the middle of the court, which comes with 34 in height and 12 foot tall galvanized fence. Such a fence is there to cover the court from people’s unauthorized entries.

When you take a look at the tennis game, there is a Racquet used to play this game. However, here, players have the paddle, which is 18 in length and usually made up of Titanium as well as Graphite. It doesn’t have any strings but has holes cut in the face. Such a thing only helps Man oeuvre the paddle. But also helps to add bite when hitting the ball.

The balls to use inside Platform Tennis are somewhat or, to some extent, very similar to the tennis balls. These are usually made of Viking or Wilson. In addition, the last but not least equipment for the tennis players to have been to have a pair of shoes they should wear while competing or participating in the game.

How To Score In Platform Tennis Game?

Here, scoring happens the same way as in the Regular Tennis Ball. Whenever a ball is played, a team usually loses a point if the following situations happen.

  • If the team is a receiving team, the ball is only allowed to bounce twice.
  • Any player intentionally throws their paddle at the ball and tries to hit it.
  • If the ball without knowing touches any part of a player whenever it is in the play.
  • Suppose the player tries his best to return the ball, which lands outside the baseline or sidelines. It may either hit the net or any other object present there.
  • Any player who intentionally touches the net when even knowing that the ball is in the play.
  • If deliberately, a player catches or handles the ball.
  • If any player hits the ball before it has completely passed over the net to their own side.
  • In case a player hits the ball out of the play. Or hits an object which is outside the court. Plus, then It rebounds back into the court.
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Whenever the points are won inside this Platform Tennis, they go up in the order of 15, 30, 30, and then the game.

In any case, if the game’s score becomes tied at 40-40, then a deuce will be called, and the winner will ultimately be the first team to score at least two more points in a single row.

How Does Winning Arrive In Platform Tennis Sport?

In order to win this game intentionally and with full motion, the players have to or need to work as a team to win as many games as they can.

In this way, winning almost six games in a full set wins a particular team a full set. But doing this two times means they have won the game in the end.

All Platform Tennis Rules:

The things that make this game a unique one are the couple of rules you have to follow here. These rules are given as follows.

Before The Game Starts:

If the game has not taken a move or no player is ready for it to play, a spin of the paddle will be performed first.

Here, whoever the player is, the winner will decide whether he needs to serve for the first or receive the first. Or they might decide on which end they have to wish to start the game.

Places Or Positions Of The Teams:

After that, both teams take their desired places on the opposite sides of the net. Here, the one member of the serving team becomes the sever to start the game.

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First Service:

The serving player must perform the service or serve the ball from a position that is behind the baseline. Or it could either be between the sideline. Or that could be at the center mark of the court. In this way, they must go diagonally across from the receiver.

The Receiver:

  • The receiver can stand anywhere, wherever he wants. The same is the case with the other members of both teams.
  • These Serves can easily alternate from behind the Deuce Court. Plus, they can do so from behind the ad court.
  • These Serves shall also pass over the net and bounce for once before the receiver becomes entitled to return it. However, doing something like a return volley on the service is totally prohibited.

Number Of Services:

 Only one service is lawfully allowed for a player to make. However, if any server fails or faults to do that, he will lose the point.

But if the ball is served, it remains in the play until a point gets decided. There is either a fault or a let is called.


  • The first team to win the total number of 6 games will win the set.
  • And the first team that wins 2 sets will ultimately win the match.

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Final Thoughts:

After reading this guide, I hope you have a clearer understanding of the Platform Tennis rules I have provided here. But just in case you have more queries to ask, don’t ever feel hesitation but ask straightforwardly. I am here to help you and guide you in any situation.

Moreover, you should keep visiting the website for the latest updates about different supports, as I will publish here. All in all, thanks for reading and spending time. Have a great day!

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