All General Rules Of Pool

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Do you love playing pool? Because if you do so, you might be interested in knowing all general rules of Pool. Most welcome and find yourself reading one of the most popular games which is played by millions of people all around the world. But that could be a significant fact to know and believe that the gams have a couple of variants all over the world. Such variants also vary with their distinctive rules and regulations. However, you can get the idea of some the most famous versions of the game originated so far are known as “Eight Ball” or “Nine Ball” pool games.

So, if you have made yourself reading all about this game, don’t skip and keep reading till the end. I will share each and everything about it inside this guide.

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Playing The Variants Of Pool Game:

As you have known that Pool eighter comes as Nine Ball or Eight Ball, these are usually played on a normal-sized table having six pockets. Such games have an unlimited number of championships all over the world.

But it is also true that the Eight Ball version is more famous and more common among people. You might like playing this version of the game at your locally built pool hall or it could be anywhere whenever people take in their minds the first word related to the pool is mentioned.

If you know about Eight Ball Pool, this version of the game can easily be played as a single or double’s game.

Plus, it is to be played with cues, almost 16 balls in which there are 15 object balls and one is named with the cue ball.

The cue ball is the only one being used or hit by the players to hit the other balls available on the table. The game can be latterly a high-speed game as compared to its relatives such as Snooker Or billiards.

Moreover, the players playing this pool ball must know all the tactical skills, thinking powers, and rules and they should know how to play such an enthusiastic game at a relatively higher level.

The Main Objective Of Pool Game:

Here, the objective those participants carry is to pot all the designated balls either the strops or the solids whichever comes on your side. After that, pot ball number 8. And whoever will put the last ball will be the winner of this game.

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It should be known that pool matches usually comes consisting several games in which the “the best out of format” players decide and attempt to win the matches. They have to win as many games as they could to become the ultimate ending winner.

Hence, most players have to use their pool skills both in the attacking and safety play. These rules are also applied to the tactical nous for helping them to win the match.

Equipment Needed In A Pool Match:

In an officially conducted pool ball match, the following set of equipment is required to play the game more officially.

A Table:

There must be a table on which this game would be played. Such a table should be 9 feet and by 4.5 feet although the games can often be played on tables of varying sizes.

The Balls:

There is a total of 16 balls required on that table to play a pool match. These include a single White Color Cue Ball, Seven Solid Balls, And Seven Striped Balls. Plus an additional Black Ball with the number 8.


To strike the cue ball on the table, players use different cues. A cue can be made of wood, carbon fiber Fiberglass, etc. These must be of different sizes to use depending on different lengths to strike the ball on the table.


A Piece of chalk or say some quantity of chalk is also required in the game so that players must ensure that they have full control over their shots. Every player inside the game or a match is needed to chalk the end of their cue for ensuring that there should be good contact between the cue and the ball. This will make a good strike alternatively.

How To Score In Pool Matches?

No scoring happens in pool ball matches because the game revolves around potting the balls into the pockets alongside the table. However, while the player has to pot the last ball, he has to tell and align a specific pot in which he wants to put that ball.

But in most cases, these pool matches can be played on a number of games. These could be played in a best of nine frame matches for instance. So, any player who is the first one to reach the five games would be declared the ultimate winner of the game.

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How Does Winning Happen In Pool Matches?

8 Ball Pool or simply the pool is only won when some of the following things happen.

  • If a player becomes successful in potting all of his designated balls and then also puts the 8 ball into his nominated pockets.
  • If any opening player illegally puts the 8 ball first without clearing his own set of the balls.
  • When the 8 ball is knocked off the table by the opposition.

All General Rules Of Pool:

The game combines the following plethora of rules that a player has to follow while playing it on an all basis. Please take a closer look at that!
However, these rules may differ slightly with the variation of this game being played in other countries, even cities, areas, and sometimes establishments. But to make sure that everyone should be on a fair deal while playing this sport, the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) has produced a standardized set of rules that goes for both the amateur and any professional person who is skilled in this game.

Before The Game Starts:

Even if the game hasn’t started yet, there are things to make sure in order. First, you just need to place the ball in a triangular rack which is positioned at the lower end o the table. In this case, the Apex ball must lie on the foot spot. This ball must be played in random order except for the 8-Ball. This ball is to be placed in the middle of the third row. However, the white ball can be placed anywhere behind the service line at any place on the table.

Starting The Game:

If this is the first match being taken place, a coin must be tossed and whoever wins in this must decide to choose whether to break. When such a break is done, next comes movements into turns for each player.

For A Legal Break:

In order to ensure that the break is legal, the player has to hit the balls and make sure that almost for balls hits those cushions of the table.

And The cue ball shouldn’t go down the pocket at all. However, if the 8 ball gets potted on the first try, the player may ask or be entitled to the re-racking of the balls to take a break again.

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Choosing The Category Of The Balls:

If a specific player has potted a certain type of ball say either stripped ball or solid, he has to continue with the same balls. Now, he should keep spotting all the solid balls if the first one that he potted was solid and vice versa.

While the other player will take the second category of the balls even if he doesn’t put the ball for the first.

Keeping The Shots Continue:

In any case, a player will keep potting the balls into the pockets until there comes a foul. Or if on any try, he fails to pot the ball inside the pocket.

Once this happens, the second player will take his turn and keep doing the same. Both players keep this thing continuously for the remaining part of the game.

Fouls To Happen Inside Pool Ball:

The game occupies couple of fouls and a player committing any of these, the opposition would be entitled to place that cue ball anywhere in the middle of the table. Such a comprehensive list of fouls are given as follows.

  • If a player fails to hit his own objective balls.
  • If any player hits the cue ball for two times.
  • A foul will also be called if the cue ball is hit off the table.
  • Pushing the cue ball instead of striking that.
  • Even if the player hasn’t its turn and he takes, it will also be a foul.
  • If the player pot’s one of the opposition’s object balls.

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Final Thoughts:

Undoubtedly, even a small children living down the street knows all general rules of pool. Because this is one of those games highly played at multiple places. You will see even nearby to your house there will be a place with tables integrated and created to play 8 ball pool over there. So, if you haven’t tried this game by yourself yet, you should do it now. Because it improves your thinking abilities, give you skills to be more proactive and ultimately helps you how to win here. However, you are most welcome for your queries and suggestions.

Hence, I appreciate your time that you have spent reading this guide. Explore the website and read more about different games. See you soon on the next one! Take care!

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