Speed Skating Rules

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Give your free time a useful reading source while reading the speed skating rules in this article. The game I will discuss today is a winter racing sport where the athletes participate in competing with one another on an ice-based circuit. They use skates to navigate their way on the track. The game is divided into three main variants: Long Track Speed Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, and Marathon Speed Skating. However, the Olympics usually give these games a name with Short Track and Speed Skating for Short Track Speed Skating and Long Track Speed Skating, respectively.

At this point, I can see that you have developed your interest in the game and are ready to read more. And if you do so, please keep reading and pace with me.

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History Of Speed Skating:

The first competition of Skating took place in Norway in 1863, which states that the game has been here for the previous two centuries. In addition, Speedskating has been a significant part of the Winter Olympics games. It has been there since 1924 with almost 4 separate men’s events in which they participate.

Besides that, women also took a great part in this game from 1960 as there are events that have been introduced since then. Plus, some team pursuit events have also been conducted recently.

Moreover, the Netherlands has become the richest people collecting more Olympic Speed Skating medals than anyone else. The USA and Norway also have a significant portion of getting medals in this game. Here, Eric Heiden from America and the Clas Thunberg of Finland are the most famous players and known speed skaters. They got five gold medals each in the Olympic games.

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Main Objective Of Speed Skating:

It is basically a racing sport in which the player has a primary aim of completing each circuit in the fastest time possible. Two athletes compete in the races having a separate lane reserved for each. In this race, the athletes try to reach a specific point.

At this point, both swap lanes to confirm that they cover the same amount of distance as one another on an overall basis. The participant who finishes the line at first is declared the winner in this game.

Players And Equipment Inside Speed Skating:

In this race, most players run around a circuit two simultaneously. Though, they would have to take care of wearing or using certain equipment while playing this game and being on track.

Player’s Suits:

Specific suit requirements for the players offer them solid protection on the ice. However, it also enables them to run faster on the skating track. These suits also have Kevlar for additional protection.

Moreover, they are made in such a way to provide low air resistance. They are usually made for tightening your skin and tailored to fit the body of a specific participant in the game. It means the suits are officially made for the players for their specific needs to wear during the race.

Wearing For Foot:

The athletes also wear some professional tailor-made boots to maximize the speed of skaters. Boots include blades towards the base side that varies from the length of 14 to 18 inches. These blades are added and have a special design providing a curve to ensure resistance while turning around the circuit.

Ensuring Safety:

No matter what you do or play, safety always comes first. Therefore, in speed skating, players always come wearing helmets, goggles, neck guards, and ankle shields. All this equipment is necessary to wear to keep yourself safe from any injury during the race. Players must also not forget to wear suits for added protection around their bodies.

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How Does The Scoring Come Here?

There is no scoring except reaching the line at first. Therefore, the speed skaters may apply the following techniques to win this game easily.

Focus On Balancing:

In order to take corners more effectively and play this game of skating at a faster speed, athletes must keep a low center of gravity by bending their knees. This will ensure a better winning position when they are lower to the ground.

Following The Position:

Whenever these speed skaters compete, they must carefully take the circuit into account. As the rules specify, the skater on the inner lane will have the upper hand. Therefore the athletes must keep this thing in their mind of making a ground plus when they are in the outer lane to recognize how to position themselves correctly.

Who Becomes The Winner?

The winner is the only person in speed skating who finishes the line at first. Always remember that there are no heats or finals in the Speed Skating game as there are other racing sports.

Rules Of Speed Skating:

Despite such an authentic and time-breaking gameplay, it does have some specific rules to follow. Here, you have to take care of the following things in particular.

Track Length:

When these Speed Skating games occur in Olympics, the races are conducted on a 400-meter oval track. On the other hand, when there is a Short Track, these are contested on a 111-meter circuit.

Beginning Of The Race:

The race begins from a standing start signaled by firing a gun. However, if any athlete movies a little faster than another player, it will be called a “Fast Start.” The Player will receive a warning for this, and if he does this again, he will have more chances of being disqualified from the game.

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Suppose both the athletes contact or have an engagement with one another on a corner. In that case, the racer in the inner lane must give the right way to the opponent standing in the outer lane. In this case, if any player doesn’t follow this rule or stops the rival intentionally, he will be disqualified from the game.

Falling Of An Athlete:

Being concerned with the type of the race, if the player falls, he has the option to stand up again and begin running again.

Relay Player:

A player may only call for a “rely player” in certain races. Such a player comes as a replacement for the one playing in the meantime. However, a player can only call for such replacement if he has already completed a minimum of one lap.

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Final Thoughts:

Speed skating is a very popular game for people living in colder regions. Every year, multiple parties take place in the championships and ensure they can win the medals. You can also arrange your tournament if you want to do something unique in Speed skating.

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