Bull Riding Rules

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Have you seen those giant bulls always running in the field? We’ll know all about bull riding inside this guide to put these mighty bulls into a race and see how they actually end up there. Bull riding is basically a sport which’s roots can even be traced back to those ancient times.

It was back then based on the contests to tame the bulls which were going back to the classical age with the Minoans being highly particular fans of this type of the activity. But that’s not the same case we need to find these days. Because the latest version of this bull racing has its roots back to the Mexican contests of ranching and horse skills. These skills began to be fully developed in the 16th and 17th centuries of the history.

That’s just biggening because game has a lot of things to tell you that you would never find otherwise. Please keep reading till the end and find out what works best for you!

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Bull Racing Popularity Since Now:

All of these previously happening events given a whole and collective name of Charreada. This became popular in the Texas as well as California during the 19th century. After that, it grew up into one of the most popular sport which exits in the present time.

You can also compare this high popularity of Bull Racing with the popularity of Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 1936. It can be traced back to the establishment of this organization which has the PRCA Pro Rodeo and the Xtreme Bulls Brand in the present era. These brands are highly popular and influenced by the Bull Racing. Besides, in the USA, it is considered as one of the most popular TV Sport and people love to watch it, especially those cowboys.

Moreover, it is also very famous among other countries of the world. Plus more and more nations have started to host their own bull racing competitions to ensure that they are playing a dynamic a way dangerous game than horse racing.

Famous Competitions Of Bull Racing:

Under the very professional and Highly Organized Bull Racing rules of Professional Bull Riders organization, you can find this sport being popular worldwide. I mean to say, not only the traditional countries of the world such as USA and Mexico, the game also being played and competitions being held in the countries like Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Guatemala, Panama, Australia, Argentina, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rice and many others.

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The Ultimate Objective Of Bull Racing:

This Bull riding sport has a very distinctive objective which goes directly for the rider to mount the bull. He has to ride that bull and when it gets mounted, this will let out into the arena. The player has to stay seated on the bull for almost eight seconds.

In between the bull will try his level best to put the player down from him. He will kick, spin, twist and do other efforts to put the players down on the ground. Here, the rider of the bull is only allowed to hold on with their own unique riding hand, this makes it very difficult for the rider. And then it becomes an exciting for the spectators who are watching this game.

The Equipment Inside Bull Riding:

The most prominent pieces of equipment inside bull riding is the Bull and Rider are themselves. However, from the spot, it may look that a very little amount of equipment is required in an official sport of the Horse riding. But that’s not the case. Because when you will look closely, you will find the following equipment making this sport possible.


Helmets are highly recommended for the players to keep them save from the head injury, bone breakage and other damage to the skull. Therefore, it is usually worn by those players participating in the game. However, it is not required at most adult levels of competitions. But junior players are highly recommended to wear them. no matter what, everyone should wear a helmet in order to compete safely inside the sport.


Inside a match, some special types of Cowboy boots are essential for the players to wear. Because the spurs these boots have are just good at helping the riders stay balanced whilst being on the bull. Plus, these boots can also be used to spur the bull itself. This will put the bull into action as this will lead to more style points from the judges present there.

The Bull Rope:

A rider holds in his hand whilst riding the bull is called a bull rope. Such rope is usually made from the braided rope or any other substance. It is also adjustable which depends on the total size of the bull. Plus, it depends on how the rider attempts to control the bull and keeps holding on.

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Some Special Gloves:

The rope you are holding in your hand is going to burn your hands due to such an extremely frenetic sport of this bull riding. You will have to bear a steer force which is a serious concern. Therefore, each rider inside the game has to wear some leather gloves in order to prevent this from happening. Besides, gloves also helps the players in getting an extra level of grip as well.


Chaps are usually worn on the legs. These are worn to have protection for the legs and prevent the chaffing whilst being throwing about on the bull.

How To Score In Bull Racing?

Scoring inside bull racing is eventually very straightforward and usually occurs once a rider has remained on the bull for almost more than a period of eight seconds. Besides, every single ride is scored out of 100 only with total two judges. And the scoring on the bull out of fifty. Plus, the rider shall also be out of 50.

After giving, the total scores are added up together and then averaged between the judges. This results in a final score for a ride. Besides, the judges also score other several aspects of the bull and rider of this game.

Moreover, the judges look at how hard a time the bull gives the single rider. Because the harder the rider sticks on the bull, the more points he will earn. Generally, more points also result with more power, speed and the agility of the game. However, when judging the rider, judges look at how much control they shall display during each ride. Plus, the rhythm that they exhibit in a harmony with the bull.

How To Win The Bull Riding Competition?

The riders inside the game generally compete over multiple rounds. And these rounds may even last for several nights. However, each rider has only one ride per night. The experienced riders can easily and regularly score over 75. But some of them have the occasional ride of over 80. Who knows that there could be some more brilliant players scoring 90 points and even more.

When there is that final night, all the scores get added up and the top 20 riders are all given at least one more ride. The final round is usually known in rodeos as the “Short Go”. Plus the rider who has the most points during this time will be declared the overall winner of bull riding.

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All Rules Of Bull Riding:

The game has some unique set of rules to follow for all the players who participate. These rules are as follows.

Random Fashion:

The rodeo competitions inside the game usually take place over a full number of nights with each rider riding a different bull every single night. This matches in a random fashion.

Choosing The Bull:

Each bull inside the game should be used and chosen on the basis of Characteristics of Strength, Health and his agility.

Buckling Chute:

There is a small enclosure which is known as Bucking Chute. Here, the rider mounts the bull in a small enclosure where the bull shall be hold steady. They can have a good grip and ready themselves for the start of that bull ride.

Awarding Point:

When a rider holds up for almost more than eight seconds, the judges will take no second chances in giving the player a point. However, if there comes a full failure to stay on the bull for at least eight seconds, the rider goes without getting scored.

The Rodeo Clowns:

Whenever the ride has been started, the rodeo clowns stay very close so that they may aid the rider in case of emergency. It will happen if the rider has been thrown off the bull. They usually do this by distracting the bull and ensuring that they don’t injure the rider whilst being on the floor and enable the riders to leave the arena very safely.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, this was all about bull riding sport which is very fierce sport you can find in the worldwide. The thing is, the player must be rigid, strong and built to last on the bull even if the bull tries his full effort to put the rider away. The rules of this game are simple and you have also know what pieces of equipments may be required to ensure safety and play more ethically. But if you have any more queries to ask, don’t forget to let me know because I am always here.

However, thanks for reading and being here. Take care of yourself and keep visiting for more latest sports and games. Have a nice day!

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