General Rules of Woodball

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Woodball is an exciting team sport that combines elements of basketball, golf, and volleyball. It is played with wooden balls called bolas and long wooden clubs called mallets. The general rules of woodball are as follows:

The game is played between two teams of 1 to 5 players each on a rectangular grass field with 9 holes on each side of the field. The objective is to hit the bolas into the opposing team’s holes using the mallets. Each hole has a different point value between 1 and 3.


To start play, a coin toss determines which team hits first. The first team hits or “serves” the bola from behind the baseline trying to land it in a hole. The opposing team tries to block the shot. If the bola lands in a hole, the team scores points according to the hole’s value. The same team then serves the next bola.

If a team fails to land a bola in a hole or the shot is blocked, the opposing team takes possession of the bola and hits from where it stopped. Teams continue alternating hits until one team reaches 21 points to win the set. Each set lasts 15 minutes and the first team to win 2 sets wins the match.

Players can hold the mallet with one or two hands to hit the bola. They can take as many steps as they wish before striking the bola. Teammates can pass bolas to each other. Shots must be underarm swings. If a bola leaves the field, the last team to touch it loses possession.

That covers the basics! Woodball combines skills from several sports into one fun strategic game. With its simple rules and equipment, it’s easy to learn but takes practice to master.

Equipment and Field Setup

In order to play Woodball, you’ll need to gather the necessary equipment and set up the field. The equipment required for Woodball includes a wooden mallet, a wooden ball, and four wooden stakes. The mallet should have a handle of about 1.2 meters in length and a head that’s flat on one side and curved on the other. The ball should be made of wood and have a diameter of around 9 centimeters. The stakes should be about 15 centimeters in length and have one pointed end for easy insertion into the ground.

Once you have the equipment, it’s time to set up the field. Start by marking the boundaries of the field using cones or flags. The field should be rectangular, measuring approximately 50 meters in length and 30 meters in width. Next, place the four wooden stakes at each corner of the field, ensuring they’re securely inserted into the ground. These stakes will serve as the starting and finishing points for each round of the game.

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Setting up the field properly is essential for a fair and enjoyable game of Woodball. So, make sure you have all the necessary equipment and take the time to set up the field correctly before you begin playing.

Game Objective

Score as many points as possible by hitting the wooden ball through the designated gates using the wooden mallet. The objective of the game of Woodball is simple yet challenging. The main goal is to earn points by successfully navigating the ball through the course.

Each gate on the Woodball course has a designated score, ranging from one to five points. Your aim is to strike the ball with the mallet, directing it through the gates, and earning points along the way. The more gates you pass through, the more points you accumulate.

However, it’s not just about hitting the ball through the gates. You must also consider the terrain and obstacles present on the course. Strategically planning your shots and adjusting your strength and angle will greatly impact your success in the game.

The game objective requires precision, accuracy, and control. The challenge lies in balancing power and finesse to achieve the desired outcome. It’s a test of skill and strategy, making Woodball an engaging and exciting sport.

Player Positions and Responsibilities

  • Take on different player positions and fulfill specific responsibilities to contribute to your team’s success in Woodball. In this sport, there are four main player positions: the striker, the mid-fielder, the defender, and the goalkeeper. Each position plays a crucial role in achieving victory on the Woodball field.
  • As a striker, your primary responsibility is to hit the ball with the mallet and aim for the target poles. You need to possess strong hitting skills and accuracy to score points for your team.
  • The mid-fielder, on the other hand, acts as the link between the strikers and defenders. You must have excellent ball control and passing abilities to ensure smooth transitions and support both offensive and defensive plays.
  • Defenders are responsible for blocking the opposing team’s strikes and preventing them from scoring points. Your main focus should be on intercepting the ball and disrupting the opponent’s attacks.
  • Lastly, the goalkeeper plays a vital role in defending the goal. You need quick reflexes and great agility to save the ball from entering the target area.
  • Remember, effective communication and teamwork are essential for success in Woodball. Coordinate with your teammates, maintain a strong defensive line, and utilize strategic plays to outwit your opponents.
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Game Play and Scoring

Get ready to showcase your skills and strategize your way to victory in Woodball with the exciting game play and scoring system.

Woodball is a game that combines the skills of golf and croquet, played with a mallet and wooden ball. The objective of the game is to complete a course of holes in the fewest number of strokes. Each hole consists of a starting point, a fairway, and a target hole. Players take turns hitting the ball with their mallet, aiming to get it into the target hole in as few strokes as possible.

The player with the lowest score at the end of the game wins.

Scoring in Woodball is simple and straightforward. Each stroke counts as one point, and the player’s score for each hole is the total number of strokes taken to complete it. In addition to individual scores, there can also be team scores in team competitions. The team score is the sum of the scores of all team members for each hole.

It’s important to keep track of your score and the scores of your opponents throughout the game to gauge your progress and make strategic decisions.

Woodball offers a thrilling and competitive gaming experience, where accuracy and precision are key. So, grab your mallet, aim for the target hole, and strive for the lowest score to emerge as the ultimate Woodball champion.

Penalties and Disqualifications

If you accidentally hit the ball out of bounds during a Woodball game, you’ll incur a penalty or potential disqualification. It’s important to understand the consequences of such actions to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the game.

When a player hits the ball out of bounds, a penalty will be imposed. The penalty for hitting the ball out of bounds is usually a one-stroke penalty. This means that an extra stroke will be added to your score. For example, if you were on your third stroke and hit the ball out of bounds, your score for that hole would be four strokes.

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In some cases, hitting the ball out of bounds can result in disqualification. This is usually reserved for severe or repeated violations of the rules. Disqualification may occur if a player deliberately hits the ball out of bounds, shows unsportsmanlike conduct, or cheats during the game.

It’s important to remember that penalties and disqualifications are enforced to ensure fair play and maintain the spirit of the game. Woodball is a sport that values honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship. So, play with respect, follow the rules, and enjoy the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Playing Woodball?

There aren’t any age restrictions for playing woodball. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So grab your mallet and ball, and get ready to have some fun on the woodball field!

Can Players Use Their Own Equipment or Is There Specific Equipment Provided?

Yes, you can use your own equipment while playing woodball. However, there are specific equipment requirements. Make sure to check the rules to ensure your equipment meets the necessary standards for a fair game.

Is There a Maximum Number of Players Allowed on Each Team?

Yes, there is a maximum number of players allowed on each team in Woodball. The rules state that a team can have up to 6 players, but only 4 players can be on the field at a time.

How Long Does a Woodball Game Typically Last?

A woodball game typically lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. It’s an exciting and fast-paced sport that keeps you engaged throughout. So grab your gear and get ready to have a great time on the field!

Are There Any Specific Clothing Requirements for Players?

When playing woodball, you don’t have to worry about any specific clothing requirements. Just make sure you wear something comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities. Enjoy the game!


In conclusion, woodball is an exciting and engaging sport that requires skill, teamwork, and strategy.

With its simple equipment and field setup, players can easily participate and enjoy the game.

The objective of the game is to score points by hitting the ball through the wooden gates.

Each player has specific positions and responsibilities, contributing to the overall success of the team.

With clear rules and penalties, woodball ensures fair play and competitiveness.

So gather your friends and give this unique sport a try!

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