Rules Of Racquetball

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How would you not know about such a famous sport being played between families and friends? Well, you might not have played it with rules. Please take a closer look at all rules of Racquetball I will be discussing in this post that will ensure how to play this sport more genuinely and authentically. The game was officially invented by Joe Sobek In 1950, an American professional tennis and squash player. He wanted to invent a new game that combines the elements of games like paddleball, handball, squash, etc. Such a game was supposed to be quick and easy to learn, even for newbies.

So, lets start our day discussing the more specific rules of Racquetball and make you aware of everything about this game. Please keep reading till the end.

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The Brief History Of Racquetball:

The game is sometimes originally called paddle rackets. And its rule was officially organized as well as codified in 1952.

That was done using America’s 40,000 YMCA and JCC, known as Jewish Community Centre handball courts. At that time, the game took rapid growth and achieved a higher rank.

Moreover, in 1969, an International Racquetball Association was founded, and the US Olympic Committee Started following it. In the entire world, there is almost around 6 million Racquetball as well, as there are many more who play Racquetball. However, this is the less dynamic  UK-invented variant of the original Racquetball sport.

The Main Objective Of Racquetball:

Here, the main objective this game gives its players is ultimately to win more points by winning the rallies.

However, this also happens by exchanges of play between the players where there is a need for hitting the ball against the front wall. It shall return with at least one bounce. In Racquetball, all matches are supposed to be the best of two games.

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But with a third, shorter tie-break game, if the scores for both teams get level at the end of a particular match.

Players Inside Racquetball:

Like other games of this type, Racquetball is also played between players as Singles (only one player against the other ), Doubles (two players against two others), or there could be two players competing against one.

However, the last option is only for formal games between families or friends. Moreover, here, the rules are almost the same, but the main difference comes when the service is being made. Therefore, here, our entire focus will be on those differences.

Equipment Inside Racquetball:

While playing Racquetball, the only equipment players might need to include a ball or racquets. However, there shouldn’t be a doubt because a court is also needed to play this game. This required court is somewhat similar to the squash court that comes fully closed as well as rectangular.

The dimensions include 20ft high and wide plus 40ft in length with the red lines to demarcate the services and reception zones.

Here, the ball used is hard and bouncy, made with rubber, and is 2.25 inches in size for its diameter.

However, this ball is significantly way bigger than a squash ball. Moreover, when it comes to racquets, they are no longer than almost 22 inches, and the only other additional equipment required inside this game is the Eye-Guards.

These guards are highly recommended and mandatory in competitions when playing less formally. You must value your sight in that regard.

How Do Scoring Happens Here?

Here, the points are usually scored when you serve. Just like that, it happens in Squash, Volleyball, or Some Other Sports.

Here, however, if you win on any point from the opponents, it will only be a win but no actual point. But just in case you will lose the point if and when:

  • Losing a point will come if a ball hits the floor more than once before you should play your return.
  • Losing a point will also come if a ball skips or does not get hit on the front wall without facing a bounce when you play your own shot.
  • There comes also losing a point into that viewing gallery, out of the bounds from your shot or towards the wall opening side.
  • If a ball hits you even unintentionally, the player who goes hit towards the original side.
  • Losing a point will also come if the ball hits the other player but does not hit that front wall.
  • If you also switch any racquet hand during the point.
  • If the ball gets touched by any part of your body or your clothes.
  • The player who is serving makes two( or one under the one serve rule, usually at the top side level)  illegal serves.
  • You keep carrying to throw the ball with that racquet which comes with a double hit.
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How Does Winning Come Here?

Here, the player should and easily win two games on top to win the Racquetball. This game should be won by reaching 15 points.

However, while deciding on the third game, there should be 11 points. But that game should not be won by openly or clearly almost two clear points.

All Rules Of Racquetball:

The game equips the following set of rules in particular. These are given as follows.

The Player Who Serves First:

Lots in the first game should decide any player who decides to serve for the very first time.

He goes alternative for the second game and that one which goes with the most cumulative points for the decider only if needed.

The Bat:

In order to serve, there should be a ball bounced before being hit against the front wall. However, after that, it should or may hit one side wall before hitting the floor again.

This ball is not directed to hot the back wall on the full, and that must not touch the ceiling at all. Moreover, this ball should hit the front wall or automatically lose the point. However, the other player serves.


But if the ball is in the play, which is, if bounced beyond the short line or has passed by the receiving line. The receiver must hit it against the front wall.

Apart from such on serve, this ball is supposed to hit against any combination o the walls and the ceilings as long as it must hit the front wall without bouncing.

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Whenever an obstruction should be caused by one player being in the way of the ball or their opponent’s view. Such a thing should be called a let and replayed at this point.

However, in the case of a penalty hinder, one player has been deprived and the chance of a point-winning shot. They will also receive a point or win back the serve.

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I can be sure that after reading this guide, I hope that your understanding of all the rules of Racquetball has been cleared. This is supposed to be the game played between son and father, mother and daughter, friends or families, and more. So, I hope that this guide has been helpful in learning and understanding and everything. If you have more queries to ask, you should use the comment box and let me know.

Thanks and applause for reading it. It makes a lot of appreciation. Have a great day!

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