Rules of Padel: How to Play

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Fall in love with another similar version of the racquet sport and a close relative to tennis by knowing all rules of Padel Sport in this article. Yes, I am going to share another game in which you would have to play with more power, ability, and sturdiness in order to win the match. However, this version of Tennis is not as popular as tennis itself in the world. But it is particularly highly played in countries that speak pure Spanish. These countries include Mexico, Argentina, and Spain, etc.

However, it is also important to note that the sport is growing faster and spreading into more and more countries across the globe. This is happening year on year. And the best thing to note down about this sport is its Popularity in Spanish Holiday Resorts. Such a place has exposed the thrill and excites of this game to a lot of British visitors. This has made the UK one of the best countries with the quickest uptake of the sport in all orders.

So, in this guide, I would love to share all about this sport including its objective, how to win here and do scoring, and all the rules you need to follow while playing it. Please keep reading till the end to know it with more details.

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The Rise Of Peddle:

Besides UK, the game is also much popular in the USA. Inside this country, the game is known as Paddle and is often though of a game which is played in some exclusive country clubs. In these clubs, the more affluent members of this living society.

But that is also true that more numbers of Schools are beginning to form paddle clubs that would be great in making this game more popular.

However, the game finds a lot of similarity with the Tennis ball game. But you will also find couple of differences here. It is played only in doubles and there are no single players allowed.

Moreover, the game is played on an enclosed court which is significantly smaller than a tennis court. Such court has walls which can be easily used during the game.

Despite this, the balls used in the game must be of an identical type having a slightly low pressure. Plus, the scoring system is just like the Tennis ball here.

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History Of Padel:

The sport is a relatively new one which was invented in Mexico in 1969 by a gentleman who is known by the name of Enrique Corcuera. He discovered or invented this game when he modified a plot of his land and placed walls around it. He began to play a form of tennis game on it with his friend Mr. Corcuera from Spain.

However, the game’s first official court was held and installed in an exclusive Marbella club which was more popular with the Argentinian Polo Players. These players took the game back to South America where the game gain more popularity. The game is overseen and organized by the International Padel Federation in all over the world.

The Main Objective Of Padel:

There is no other objective except playing it and winning the game. The ultimate objective lies in winning two out of three sets that constitute a full match. While this is happening, each pairing has to work as a team to outplay the opposition pairing. It is also important to note that the court in which the players are playing this game is much smaller plus has walls around it which means it is totally enclosed. Therefore, the players need to be closer together for that they need to develop a good understanding and they have to seem fit and be able to fit as well to play this game.

The ultimate pace of paddle usually demands an awful lot from the players. This means, that fitness should be at an extreme and excellent level for becoming a successful Padel Pair in a sport like this.

The Equipment Needed In Padel:

Inside the Padel game, players need to specify the following things in order.

The Size Of The Court:

The court is just like the tennis ball court but relatively smaller than that one. It comes as one-third size of the court which is present in the Tennis Ball. It has measurements including the surface of 20m x 10m. However, just like the tennis court, this one is divided in the middle by placing a net. But unlike tennis, as I stated earlier, there are walls surrounding this court. These walls can be utilized by the players while playing this game with more passion and more courage.

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Surface Of The Court:

The court which I talked about in the previous heading will have a surface. Such surfaces can easily be made from a variety of materials. These materials include cement, Artificial Grass, or Synthetic Materials. However, the FIP also stipulates that the playing surface of the Padel court shall be Blue, Green, or Terracotta.

Racquets and Balls:

Here, the racquets player use to play the game differ substantially from the Tennis Rackets. Such Racquets are made from some kind of composite materials with a perforated surface. These are ergonomically designed to allow for airflow. They have a face that measures approximately 26 Cm to 29 Cm and the overall length of the racquet would be 45 Cm. However, as you can see that the racquet is way shorter than a racquet used in Tennis, it is easier to control or have your full grip on it.

How Do Scoring Happens Here?

The most familiar thing of this game you will find with Tennis is scoring. It is similar to counting and do as you count and score in the Tennis ball sport. It means the points keep going up as 15, 30, 40 and game.

The tie happens on 40-40. After that, there is called a deuce where the winner would be the one who leads by two clear points. Moreover, these padel games are played on the best of three sets. And each set from these consists of total six games.

How To Win Inside Padel?

In order to win a complete set, a paring or two players playing alongside must have to win almost six games with two clear games. In these games, if the score gets to 6-6, a tiebreak would be played in which the winner would be the first one who will get to seven point with clear two points. But if the game keeps on the tie, then there will be organized another tie break. In this tiebreak, the player which the first side to have a game lead would be declared the ultimate winner of the game. Moreover, the pair is to wins two sets will be the final winner here.

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Rules Of Padel:

Behind such energetic gameplay, this Padel sport possesses the following set of rules. All players playing it should have to keep these in their minds. So, please have a look at these rules of padel.

Before The Match:

A coin should be tossed deciding who will be taking the first side to play the game. The toss winner will decide whether to serve first or which end of the court to start on.

Match Beginning:

Every single match takes a start with a single serve. Such serve must be done underarm but like the tennis ball, it should go diagonally into the Opponent’s court.


Both teams must work hard and do as much effort as they can to score more points than their opponents. In this way, the opposition would likely be a winner of points if following things happen in order.

  • If the ball bounces for two times
  • In any way, a ball strikes with you or your teammate
  • When a ball hits the wire fencing or another fixture before going over the net or going into the Opponent’s Court.


The matches inside this sport are made up of total 3 sets. Each set has a total number of 6 games. In this way, the winner who wins two out of three total sets will be declared the final winner of this padel match game.

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I hope that the guide I have provided here on all rules of padel would be quite helpful in developing an understanding about this new kind of game. However, if you have something to ask, you can ask by contacting us. But I am sure that after knowing these rules and what different things happen inside this game, you will love to give it a try or maybe organize or play it in an official match. Play it as it is very interesting like other similar games you may find under this head.

However, thanks for reading this and spending your time. Take good care of yourself and have a nice day! See you soon on another one!

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