Rules of Underwater Hockey

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Have you heard of playing hockey in the water? Because if you didn’t, you would introduce yourself with one of the most though and full of fun games. In this guide, I would like to enlist all the things about Underwater hockey and all the rules of underwater hockey. The game is very famous and being played in some of the highly reputed countries of the world. Therefore, you would love to read about it, and on intentions, you would like to try it on your side.

So, fasten your seatbelts and ensure that you have picked up this ride. Because today, you will learn about something completely new. Please have a look!

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A Brief History Of Underwater Hockey:

The underwater hockey game, sometimes called Octopus, was officially discovered in the 1950s. It was invented by the British Navy to train their divers. It was a high-end game formally built for the navy commandoes to improve their shapes and efficiency under the water.

After that, the game became popular in Australia and worldwide. It is one of the reasonably competitive and highly tough physical battles people like to play in a unique style and a totally different environment.

The Main Objective Of The Game:

What could be different here except the same mechanics you use the play hockey on the ground? Yes, your only mission is to hit the puck into the rival’s goal successfully. In the given time by management, the team that scores the most is awarded as a winner. The apparent fact is that the game is totally played under the water.

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And all the players remain under the water until and unless the goal is scored. However, when the referee calls for a goal or a foal, the players may have a break, which might come to the surface.

Selection Of The Players Inside Underwater Hockey:

The selection of the players is very simple and quick. Because each team will be having total 10 numbers of players. In between these, 6 players will be acting heroes to play hockey inside the water. And 4 players would be sitting outside the replace the needed ones. It is much similar to Ice Hockey.

The player will keep at the swimming pool floor where the 3LB puck will be situated. In this way, the players are certainly allowed to pass that puck along the floor to their teammates. They will need to use a stick attached to their glove roughly one foot in the length.

Equipment Needed To Play The Game:

The stick chosen for playing or passing the ball from one player to another must be solid enough to stand inside the water. Besides this, the players can also wear a mask in the water. They can have a snorkel, ear protectors, gloves, fins, and swimsuits to better protect themselves inside the water. The game is adamant about playing. Because it requires players to have some excellent skills for remaining under the water, they have to learn how to control their breath and ensure that they can play easily.

The swimming pool selected for playing or as a play area must usually be around 25 meters long. Plus, it should be almost 12M wide. And the deepness should be at least 2 meters. Besides that, some lead weights or ropes might be placed inside the pool to be used as a goal.

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How To Perform Scoring Inside Water hockey?

Scoring is straightforward, and anyone can do that if they manage to hit the puck into the enemy goal. This should be supposed to happen by using only a stick. However, it must be in your mind while playing the game that no other equipment or body part should be used the game for helping to do a goal. It will either result In a foul, or a plan will be given in the opponent’s favor.

How Do Winning Happens Here?

The winning team only becomes the true winner of this game when it has more goals in the specified period. However, if the game gets tied, there will be an additional 15 minutes to find out who the real winner is. In this way, both teams try harder to become a winner and get the title.

Rules Of The Underwater Hockey:

The game has some general rules to understand both for professionals and newbies. Please look at what things you should keep in mind while playing.

Game Timing:

Every game inside this one may take place for two halves of 15 minutes. In this time interval, there is also a resting period of 5 minutes that is necessary,

Covering Zones:

Generally, players are set to cover zones instead of messing with positions. However, the formation must have come into play.

Splitting Of The Teams:

In this game, the teams may also have some unique positions, and they can be split into either for defense role or an attacking role. Moreover, it has also been seen that there were quite variations of the midfield players that have happened before.

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Players are only allowed to use sticks in their hands to do the goal. Nothing can be used except this as no body part and other support. Otherwise, it would be a foul to consider, and you may lose the point.

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Final Thoughts:

Underwater hockey is one of those games that only the legends can play. It would be strange and scary even to think that you have to spend almost 15 minutes inside water. And you have the following all rules of underwater hockey while being under the water. Because if you don’t follow, what will be the point of playing fairly inside the game? Therefore, take help from the article for arranging the arrangements and ensure that you play as described.

Moreover, keep coming for the latest updates on different sports. Take care of yourself, and have a good day!

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