All Field Hockey Rules

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You got a better idea to know all field hockey rules and about hockey as it is one of those games being played around the world by a lot of countries. In hockey sport, the top countries is India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. Pakistan is also one of the highly reputed countries which’s national sport is Hockey itself. Here, the Pinnacle of the Sport Comes from the Olympics where the game has been one of the tops attended sports since its reinstating in 1928. On all notes, hockey is a vigilant sport that is going to take a good space in your heart.

So, kill whatever you were doing and start reading this post with me till the end. Because I am here to give you what you are looking for in the field of hockey.

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The Main Objective Of The Field Hockey:

Here, the players of hockey have an objective of hitting the ball with a hard stick into a predefined goal. Every single time when the ball goes into the goal, then a point is awarded to that team.

In that case, a team with the greatest number of goals at the end of the game would be the ultimate winner and awarded as a winner of the team. Moreover, in an event of that, both teams score the same amount of goals found; a draw would be called.

Players Inside Field Hockey:

In a fully organized field hockey match, there is a total of 11 players in a single team. This team is split up into 1 goalkeeper and 10 outfield players. These outfield players will be a collection of attackers, midfielders, and defenders. On top of that, the amount of each position will always vary depending on the total formation that the team adopts.

However, there is nothing so uncommon for a single team to have zero goalkeepers at the end of a game. This happens if they are really trying to push for a win or a losing match.

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The equipment required for Inside Field Hockey:

In most cases, field hockey won’t require you any typical pieces of equipment. Rather, you just have to be sure about the following things.

The Field Or Size Of The Pitch:

For a field hockey match, the pitch must be 100 yards long and it should be 60 yards wide. This pitch has a total of three lines that keep running across the width of the pitch. And there is a total of 25-yard lines and a halfway line to signify to players the certain sections of the pitch.

At each ending point of the pitch, there is supposed to be a goal that is almost 4 yards wide. In addition to this, the around goal is a 16-yard line which is the only section on the pitch that players are totally permitted to shoot from.

In that way, a goal would usually be scored outside the 16-yard line will not be awarded at all and the ball turned totally over.

The Hard Ball Of Hockey:

Another piece of equipment required to play this game of hockey is a hard ball along with each player has a heavy-duty wooden stick. In a match, the players are allowed only to use the flat side of the stick. And a foul will be called eventually for any player using the stick’s back. However, such a stick can be turned around by the players to hit the ball in both ways. So, a game of hockey cannot be played without a ball and a stick in the hands of the players.

Other Equipment:

For the extra protection in such dynamic gameplay of hockey, the players are required to wear shin pads and some gum shields. The Goalkeepers wear a lot more padding because of a ball flying in their direction more often. On top of that, a Face Mask, A pair of padded gloves, a Helmet, a Chest Pad, and some robust leg guards are also a part of the attire for a goalkeeper.

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Moreover, some players of the field hockey match also wear eye and face masks as well.

How Come Scoring Happens In Field Hockey?

To score a goal in the field hockey match, the player has to hit the ball in between the goal posts and over the line from within the 16-yard area. Besides, the ball must be struck with the player’s stick and they must use of the body will be called as an infringement.

On the other hand, the Goals can be scored also from a penalty corner which is usually awarded when a foul is committed in the 16-yard area. There, from a penalty corner, the defending team all line up on their own goal line. Moreover, the attacking team must all be outside the 16-yard area when one player hits the ball to them from 10 yards. This is supposed to happen from either side of the goal line. Moreover, as the ball is usually played back, a teammate stops the ball before another strike at a single goal.

How To Win Inside Field Hockey?

A field hockey game is decided usually by the overall team having the greatest number of goals at the end of the game. Here, each match or game is supposed to last for almost 34 minutes halves. And there is a 5-minute rest in between these halves. Moreover, in the significant event of the scores being the same at the end of the 70 minutes, then the game will just go on the draw side.

All Rules Of Field Hockey:

The game has some simple rules that players need to follow in order to compete wisely and win professionally in a field hockey competition. These couple of rules are given as follows.

Total Players:

There are total of 17 players for each hockey team. Each of them has 11 players and 7 substitutes which can be done at any moment inside the game.


Mentioning again, every player has to have a hockey stick in his hand while being on the ground. This stick will be used to hit the ball into the ground.

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A goal inside hockey is usually scored when the ball successfully hit the opponent’s goal from within the 16-yard area.

Treatment Of The Ball:

The ball shall be passed or dribbled using the stick and no other body part is allowed to intentionally come into the contact with the ball. It means, other than a stick, you cannot touch or grasp the ball with your hands, feet, or any other part of the body.

Way and Number Of Fouls:

There shall be a foul or an infringement when a player does the following things.

  • If a player intentionally or purposely tries to hit the ball off another player with the entire intention of causing the opposite player harm. This would be illegal and unacceptable.
  • If a player with his intentions uses a body part to assist in the movement or stopping of the ball.
  • Any player who raises his stick above the waist height.
  • If by any means hits the ball that goes rounded side of their hockey stick.
  • Moreover, there will be a foul when a player or players hit their stick off their opponents to interfere with the play.

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Final Wording:

Conclusively, if you have read this post thoroughly, I hope that you have completely known all about the Field Hockey Rules. The guide provides enough information about this sport and I am probably sure that there is nothing difficult to understand. But if you find yourself at any disturbance or don’t understand what doesn’t make sense, please use the comment box and let me know. I will be there to solve your problems and provide you with the quick needed assistance.

But overall, thanks for being here and spending time. Wish you more luck and prosperity. Have a very nice day and keep visiting for more latest posts on sports and rest.

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