General Rules of Squash: How to Play

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Have you ever heard about Squash? Because if you didn’t, I would let you know all rules of Squash with complete details. The game has been here since the 19th century. These days, it is to be played worldwide and very famous. In history, Squash has had many variations with different names. Once it was called racquets, it evolved into one of the world’s most famous games Squash. However, the game has no part to play in the Olympics. Still, there are multiple Squash championships worldwide where some professional squash players participate and play the game to be squash winners.

After reading this introduction, I believe the game has developed an interest in you. Why not take the next step and look a little further? Please keep reading!

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The Main Objective Of The Squash:

The game is played in such a way that one player keeps hitting it back towards the wall until the opponent player fails in returning it. In this case, when a player beats the opponent in such a way, he gets the point. These points collectively make sets, and the management decides the game’s winner from sets.

Players And Equipment In Squash:

The game includes only two players playing it, which happens in a box-like room. Here, the player only needed a small set of equipment, including a squash racket. This racket is somewhat similar to the tennis racket. However, having a smaller head size. Also, there is a need for a squash ball to play the game. Besides that, the game includes the following things to ensure before starting for players to play it.

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The squash ball comes in 5 different speeds starting from the super slow speed, which states the standard competition, to the more beginner standard competition with a faster speed squash ball. However, this ball is generally pretty low in bouncing, making it super slow. It results in a little tough to return the ball.

Size Of The Court And Its Shape:

The squash court is built in a room-like shape with multiple lines inside it. These are stated as follows.

Out Line—This line simply runs across the top side of the back wall and towards the downside of the wall. If any ball hits outside this area, it gives the opponent person a point.

Board—The Board runs towards the bottom of the back wall, which is technically the net area. And if the ball hits that board, it will be declared a foul.

Service Line—Above the board, the area is called the entire service line. A ball must hit above this line for all purposes to declare a service a legitimate one.

Back Of The Court—On The back side, two rectangular sections are dedicated for a player to start the game to gain points.

A Service Box—On the court floor, service boxes are dedicated for players to have at least one foot in it while playing. It is the rule, and the player has to follow it.

How Do Scoring Comes Here?

There are 4 different ways to score inside this game! These are all listed below.

  • Either the ball bounces two times before your opponent tries to hit the ball.
  • Or the ball hits the backboard or net.
  • There will also be a point when the ball goes outside the outline.
  • Or there will also be a point scored when the player interacts with the opponent intentionally to stop him from getting the ball back
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Moreover, there are a total of two methods of scoring inside the Squash. These are listed as follows.

  • The first method is called the PAR, in which a player first plays to score almost 11 points. Here, the player can score from either his own service or the service of his opponent.
  • In the second method, the player equips a more traditional scoring style by scoring 9 points. However, here, scoring only happens on your own service.

Keep in mind that the PAR method of scoring 11 points is the famous and official scoring system in those professional ranks. Plus also in maturity of the amateur games over there.

How To Win Here?

To win the game of Squash, one must require to reach up to the required amounts of sets that are determined before the starting of the game. Here, most sets are the best of 5 games. Therefore, anyone reaching the first of that number will be the winner of the game.

Rules Of Squash:

This game offers a couple of rules for a player to follow. In any case, the player must follow the following rules.

Number Of Players:

Two single players can play these squash games on each side. Or by two players on both sides.

Hitting The Ball:

The ball must be hit by your racket inside the boundaries on the back wall. This ball must come back at the same pace and return to the receiver so that he can hit it again.


There can be a foul, and it is called out of the player accidentally gets into the way of his opponent. Plus, he becomes unable to get out of that way.

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It will also be a foul if the player tries to do that purposely.

Ball Rules:

No player can hit the ball or carry it inside the court.

Ball Speed:

The speed of the squash ball is usually determined by the number and colors that come on the small spots of the ball. This is usually listed as follows.

  • Double Yellow: It means the ball should be extra super slow for the competitors
  • Simply Yellow: It means the ball should be super slow
  • Green Or White: It means the ball will be slow
  • Red: It means the ball would come at medium speed
  • Blue: This states the faster ball for the competitor

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I can be sure that the article has been helpful in giving you all the information about the rules of Squash. And I hope that there is nothing left missing. You can read about more games and their rules on this website that I already have published or will keep publishing later. Keep visiting and keep getting what you are looking for. Have a great day!

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