General Rules of Snooker

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Get ready to give yourself a better chance to learn about one of the world’s most famous games. Yes, we are talking about all snooker rules in this guide, and you will learn about a game highly played in India and China. However, these days, the game is largely dominated by the British Players at the highest level. In this game, there comes a Snooker World Championship where the world’s most famous and professional players participate. However, the game is played in Clubs, Pubs, and all over the UK by amateurs of all levels.

Take a deep breath and set yourself firmly inside your chair reading this post. Let’s get started with the rules of snooker and know what matters the most here.

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A Brief History Of Snooker Sport:

The game was developed from another cue sport named Billiards. This began in the 16th century. Proceeding this, the snooker came in the 19th century as one of the highest sports played worldwide.

On the contrary, it appears that the first-ever tournament was in 1916, with the first World Championship Appearing in 1927.

After that, the game has its most compelling years and the years of uttermost prosperity. In this regard, the period from the 1970s to the 1980s was the game’s finest era in which it prospered greatly.

The Main Objective Of The Snooker Game:

This game comes into frames, and the main objective a player may have here is to use the white cue ball and put it to put all those other balls into the pot in the right sequence. In this way, the winner will be the one who does more score than his/her opponent.

Players Inside Snooker:

There is nothing difficult to understand about the players inside snooker. Because only two players are competing with each other. However, there is much to know about the balls plus other things. Please keep reading.

Size Of The Ball And Table:

The size of the balls and table is precisely regulated. The table comes with the following measurements.

12Ft X 6Ft  and with 3Ft in height.

It is usually made with wood with a state top covered with green baize. Besides that, the table consists of almost 6 pockets that are there to take or grasp the balls you hit with that white ball.

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These pockets are divided into one in each table corner and two on the middle side of the rectangular table or cushions.

Starting The Game:

The game starts from a significant end of the table called a baulk. On the other side of the table is a line across the table’s width, 29 inches from the baulk cushion. The diameter is in the center, with D, which is an 11.5 inches radius showing a semi-circle with the baulk line.

Information About The Balls Used In Snooker:

These balls you find on the table are made of phenolic resin with a diameter of approximately 2.7 inches. There are a total of 15 balls on the table, including colors black, pink, yellow, brown, green, and blue, as well as a white cue ball which is used by the player to hit the others.

The balls have a certain placement on the table as their colors go on their spots. This means the green, brown, and yellow from left to right across the semi-circle as well as on the baulk line.

The blue ball fits in the middle position of the table. Besides, the midway between there and the top cushion (which is the opposite end of the baulk cushion has black in the center with almost 12 ¾ inches on the off side of the top cushion.

This placement of these 15 balls makes a significant triangle that one can easily understand.

To hit these balls, the player needs to use a cue that is made of wood. This cue must have a length of 3 feet and have the same substantial departure as the traditional or generally accepted platforms of snooker accept.

How A Player Does A Score In Snooker?

Here, scoring is simple. Because at first, a player scores only one point for potting a red ball into the pot. After that, they need to decide and tell the opponent which color ball they are supposed to hit next. In this case, the balls have the following scoring points.

The black ball gives seven points, the most valuable ball in this game.

  • A pink ball gives you six points.
  • Blue gives five.
  • Brown comes with four.
  • Green with three
  • And the yellow ball gives you almost two points.
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After every color ball gets spotted, they are reversed but not the red ball. In this case, the player reverts to a red and alternates the red. After that, he again starts putting the color balls into the spots until all the reds are spotted.

This session continues until the player misses a ball or commits any foul. When this happens, this gives a chance to the alternating player. Here, the maximum break is given as.

The break is 147 with 15 reds taken down with 15 blacks, then all those red balls.

However, if any player commits a foul, this awards his opponent with almost four points. Unless this foul has occurred while playing the pink, blue, black, or hit one of those higher values first. If a foul happens during this time, the points are awarded according to the value of that ball.

How Do Winning Takes Place In Snooker?

In snooker, the winner is the only person who scores relatively more points than his opponent in one frame. If a player is able to get more scores than the remaining on the table, he is asked to “ Need Snookers.”

A game of snooker is defined in such a way as the place where balls are placed in such a way that the player cannot directly hit the next legal ball. The ultimate goal to do this is to force the player for a foul and gain four points.

However, if the player thinks he cannot win even by forcing fouls, he decides to concede the frame. It happens when four or more fouls are usually required as additional to all those balls on the table. So, it totally depends on how many balls have been left on the table.

On top of that, a snooker match is a player on the “best of” a set number of frames. This includes ranging from three to the 35 for the modern World Championship Finals. In this case, the winner would be the one who remains to reach an unassailable lead.

All Snooker Rules:

The game is based on several rules that the player needs to keep in his mind on all notes. So, please look at what things you need to take care of to win the snooker championship.

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Starting The Match:

In snooker, the game starts after tossing a coin and deciding who will start the first. The break will happen when the cue ball is in the D, and the red is stuck at some point.

Leading To The Stalemate:

Both players must agree that the frame should be placed so that the balls could lead to a stalemate.


If there happens a push shot in which the cue’s tip remains in the contact of the cue ball and touches the target ball, it will be a foul.

To keep yourself safe from this foul, the cue ball must be hit in a clear and clean shot striking with the cue.

Referee Calling A Miss:

If the player doesn’t hit the ball with one clear and clean shot, the referee must call it a foul, and the point must be awarded to the opponent.

Such a foul will give the rival almost four points. But the player does have the option to replay this ball with more clarity.

Conditions For Fouls:

In this game, the foul might happen in the following ways.

  • If the cue ball doesn’t hit the nominated ball first, such as red, it will be called a foul
  • If the player touches the ball with his body accidentally or intentionally, it will also be called a foul
  • It will also be a foul if the player hits the ball off the table. Moreover, red balls cannot be replaced, but the colors will be re-spotted.

Touching Ball:

When you find the cue ball hitting or having a closer touch with another ball, the referee must call it a touching ball. In this way, the player needs to play away from that ball. However, if that ball moves, it will be called a foul.

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Final Thoughts:

You know more about all snooker rules than I do because you have played this game several times in your hometown snooker club. However, if you have any confusion or want to ask more, you are always welcome. Don’t hesitate and let me know what you find difficult. Moreover, keep coming for more latest updates on sports.

Take great care of yourself, and have a big snooker day!

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