General Rules of Slamball

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Hold up tight and keep ease on all those breaths that come to play a dynamic and full of energy game. Because you are going to know all the general rules of slamball in this guide. A similar game to basketball is here to win your hearts, being one of the world’s most dynamic and exciting sports. The Slamball was invented by Mason Gordon, who was a famous lover of the basketball game. He wanted to create a real-life game that could show what could be done In a real and video game. This slamball is best described as the best mash-up of basketball and acrobatics. This is a full sports game with more energy and action.

Found interesting? Let’s read more about this and let you know what you can do differently here. This is how it goes.

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Who Gave The Concept Of Slamball?

The game is played on a court that comes with almost four trampolines in the front of each net. The founder of this game, Gordon, has a deep interest in creating this game from the concept created by Smallville and Coach Carter Tv Producer Mike Tollin.

These were the people who created their first court in a Warehouse based in LA. From this court, they also tried to assist all those street basketball players in trying their new concept of Slamball.

How Does The Game Start?

In this regard, two teams were created, and gradually, the game gained new traction with basketball. These street basketball communities made this game named Slamball, which became the television debut on the National Network Spike In the US in 2002.

Since then, the game has had multiple television events that ensure the game’s widely accepted and highly growing popularity. Even right now, you can find the latest news about this game on the Official Slamball Website.

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The Main Objective Of Slamball:

The game holds the same objective as many other games, and it is nothing except winning from the other person. In this game, one team needs to score more points than its opponent, plus in the meantime, the team has to prevent the other one from scoring points.

Though the game is to be recognized as one of the highly known support with perfect dynamics and athletic sport, it will be played by the players using several tactics and tricks always to score more points no matter what.

Therefore, to play this game with full passion and energy, the players must be physically fit. They must have performed some excellent teamwork and communication skills throughout the gameplay.

Players And Their Position In Slamball:

Whenever you are playing or watching this game, it has four players on each side and three official positions to carry. Please have a look at how that is supposed to be.

The Stopper: The only person who can decide the fate of your team. He is there to stop the opposition team from scoring primarily. However, you will find this stopper seen inside the offense because the game has a rapid nature. In this way, the attacking team has to defend their own net within a few seconds or two.

The Handler: He is the person who puts more effort into everything happening inside the game. Like, the handler will effectively stay as a midfield player and is the person who is the team’s main ball handler. He must move the ball from the defensive position to the attach and take responsibility for attacking opportunities. Handlers will also help out on the defense sides as well.

The Gunner: He is that player inside the game responsible for working as an out-attacking player in the team. The person is solely tasked with scoring baskets and not with the defensive duties.

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Moreover, the game lets the team use free-to-use players in any combination of these positions. These can pair up as one gunner, two handlers, and one stopper. There could be two stoppers, one handler, and a gunner.

Equipment Players Need To Play Slamball:

On the equipment side, one should not worry because no special equipment is required to play this game. However, basketball is a must. Plus, the players need to wear their team’s uniform as well as suitable footwear.

Besides that, many players choose to wear some knee and elbow pads and a helmet designed according to the game. Also, the game requires a court of a special type as there are trampolines inside it.

The court has a sprung floor with four trampolines set into the floor at every end. In this case, the court must be the same size as the one you find in the basketball court regulation. Moreover, this court must be surrounded by plexiglass walls, just like an ice hockey rink.

How To Score In Slamball?

In Slamball, the team can only score by putting the ball into the opposition’s net. Here, different shots are scored differently, giving more points for more difficult and spectacular scores. You can get the idea from the following scoring points.

Two Points: The team will be awarded two points if the ball gets thrown through the hoop and goes without touching any player.

Three Points: If a player or team performs Slam Dunks, all the shorts that go outside of the three-point arc will collectively score three points.

How To Win In Slamball?

To win in this game, you have to be more precise, fit, and gymnastically stronger. Only one winning team scores more points at the end of a particular match. However, if both teams have the same scoring point at the end of the match, then some Face-Offs will be played.

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These face-offs effectively determine the winner as the one who gains more points in them. These face-offs are placed in a one-on-one format in which one player keeps defending the basketball from the attempt to score. Only one attack is allowed in a single Face off.

General Rules Of Slam Ball:

In respect of rules, the game follows a set of rules that a player must follow on all notes. Please have a look!

A Special Type Of Court:

  • The game will be played on a court with four trampolines in front of each team’s net.
  • These Slamball matches are played in four quarters that would last almost six minutes, each with a ten-minute halftime break.

Starting The Game:

  • The ball must be marked as bounce-off before starting this game. In such a case, the ball is directly bounced into the air, and the match starts.

Shot Clock:

In Slam Ball, a fifteen-second shot clock is utilized.

Overseeing The Game:

Two referees especially see slamball and many table officials who are officially there to keep that track of the scores, plus shot clock and fouls.

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Final Thoughts:

Tie your shoes, wear that uniform and get your sports helmet to begin an emotional journey after knowing all the general rules of slamball. Here, you must show that you are trained enough and can easily beat all the players. Show them that nobody can last when you are on the ground. Despite this, keep visiting the website for more updates on different and unique sports as I will be providing here.

For today, thanks for reading and spending time. It is much obliged. Have a great day, and see you soon on another one!

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