Rules of Playing Tennis

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You are not living in the 21st century if you don’t know about such a famous game we call Tennis. That’s the fame this game has, and for that reason, we will discuss all the rules of Tennis in this post. Tennis is basically a sport that has its origin in England in the 19th century. But now, the game is very popular and played in different countries worldwide. In the entire world, there are four most famous tournaments that are highly known. These include the Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, and Australian Tournament. If you have never heard of these, this is your first time knowing about something interesting like this.

Take a leave and start your day with me. Because today, in this post, everything about Tennis will be known to you. Let’s get started!

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What Is The Ultimate Objective?

There is a rectangular court in which the game is being played. This includes a net in the center; the players have to run across it while playing with the tennis ball.

The ultimate aim here is just to hit the ball over the net, ensuring that the ball lands within the margins of the court. Plus, it must happen in such a way that results in a situation where your opponent gets failed to return the ball. You will be successful at winning the point if your opponent cannot return that ball within the court.

You have to make multiple points to ensure that you are the winner.

Number Of Players:

Tennis ball matches are divided into either a Single Match or a Double Match. A single match means there will be only one player on each side.

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On the other hand, when the match is being played between two players on each side, it is called a double match. The plus point is that the rectangular-shaped court has a baseline at the backside. Also, service areas have double spaces just over the net, so the successful service must land.

Moreover, there are two tram lines down on either side. If you are playing a single match, it means you will have to use the Inner side tram line. On the other hand, if you are into double matches, you need to use the outer tram line.

Equipment You Need:

The list of equipment to play this game is not very long. But all you need is a stringed racket made with good quality material. Plus, a tennis ball to play with. Your court on which you would be standing will consist of four main areas.

It will include the grass, clay, carpet, and hard surface. In this case, every different tournament will have to choose from these 4 courts and stick to playing inside them throughout the entire match.

What About Scoring?

In order to win this game of Tennis, you will have to score almost 4 points. These points are given as follows.

  • 15 means 1 point.
  • 30 means two points.
  • 40 means three, and the fourth one you will do will be the final point to win this game of Tennis. It will ultimately end the game.

However, if the scoring goes to 40-40 on both sides, this would be known as deuce. And when this game reaches deuce, the player must win the game by two clear points.

Become The Winner Of Tennis:

Won’t you like to call yourself a winner of this Tennis game? Remember that you will have to win a certain amount of sets which include;

  • For women, the best of three matches
  • For men, best of 5 matches.
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The clear winning comes when a player or simply the first player reaches 6 games. But he must have to clear out completely through the 2 games.

 However, if the opponent person wins almost 5 matches, you must win that match by 7-5. Moreover, if this set goes to 6-6, this will tie the match. At that time, another match will be played, resulting in the first player winning the 7 points to declare himself the absolute winner.

All Rules Of The Tennis Game:

The game combines multiple rules worth looking at and considering before you start playing it. Because there is no game, no life, and no peace when there are no rules.


Tennis begins when a coin is tossed to ensure which player will be the first to do the first service. And the side from where the player will be doing service.

Position Of The Feet:

Now, it becomes the server’s responsibility as he needs to serve each point on that alternative side, meeting the same baseline.

There will be no counting of any point of the server’s feet moving in front of the baseline over the court, which happens before the service is served.

Losing The Point On  Missing The Service:

Take advantage of the second service if you cannot score a point on the first try. However, if you fail again, this will be called a double fault, ultimately losing the point.

Calling Out:

There are two conditions:

  • There will be no penalty if the out is called when the server clips the net, but the ball remains in the service area.
  • The service will be lost if the out is called when the ball hits the net but is unable to reach into the service area.
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Position Of The Receiver:

The opposite person, or a receiver, must stand at the position or play where they desire to receive the ball. However, suppose this ball gets stuck without the service having the opportunity to hit it. In that case, the server will easily receive the point.

Unlimited Shots:

There will be unlimited shots once the service has been made.

Player Touching The Net:

If the player;

  • Touches the net,
  • Impeded in anyway
  • Or distracts his opponent,

he will eventually lose the point.

Everything Related To Ball:

  • The ball will be out if it hits outside the line. Otherwise, the ball hitting any part of the lune will be scoring a point.
  • After playing 6 games, the ball in Tennis should be changed with a new one.

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Final Thoughts:

Tennis is very famous these days, and even famous tournaments are being held worldwide. The reason this game is reputed highly is that this requires strong skills, excellent mind level, sharpness, and perfect sportsmanship on the ground. These all help the player to read the opponent’s mind and respond to the service he does. Therefore, I am pretty sure that you know all the rules of Tennis if you have read this post to this end.

Please don’t forget to share the post with others if you find it interesting. Moreover, keep coming for the latest updates and rules about different sports. Take care of yourself. Have a blessed day!

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