General Rules of Thumb Wrestling

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What if you get a totally different sport to know here and will fall in love with it? Get ready to know all the general rules of thumb wrestling, also known as thumb war, inside this post. You might have heard of a famous proverb “One, Two, Three, Four…. I Declare a thumb of war!” Whenever children play around the world, you hear this phrase in the playgrounds, parks, and other places. However, that’s an official thing that despite being such a favorite child-loving game, it is also famous with some official rules in the World Championship.

So, are you excited to know more about this game and find what is interesting here to play or care about? Let’s get started!

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The Rise Of Thumb Wrestling:

The mysterious thing about this game is that nobody knows what a masterpiece’s original region is. However, the game has been played from hundreds of years, not thousands of years, and has been here since you never knew it.

Several people in history who invented the sport have known about this game. Even the Author Paul Davidson said that his Grandfather was the person who invented this sport in 1940. The game is too simple and doesn’t ask for more from even a newbie person.

Moreover, the fame of this sport can be recognized from the number of championships being held in different parts of the world. The cities include Mecca of Thumb Wrestling, UK, Beccles in Somerset, competitors from the UK, Holland, Poland, USA, France, and a couple of other countries like Thailand. The championship of thumb wrestling goes from one city to another in the world each and every year.

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The Main Goal Of The Thumb Wrestling:

The game has a very unique but simple objective to follow. Here, you have the opportunity to defeat your opponent by pinning his thumb while saying “one, two, three, four, I win thumb of war!” This should happen within every 60 seconds round limit and the World Thumb Wrestling Championship rules stipulate this despite knowing that the game is much simpler, these thumb wars could seriously go to some surprising tactical affairs. Because the top competitors are expert enough to use a variety of techniques and feints to win the championship.

Players Selection:

There are no specific rules for selecting players inside this game. Because anyone out there can participate and play the Thumb Wrestling without mattering particularly on any power, explosive speed of sprinting, strength, weightlifting, or combat sports. However, the size of your thumb can be a significant factor to consider and note in this game.

Therefore, it is compulsory to ensure that men should compete against men and women against women.

Moreover, for a fair match between juniors or children, they must rely on each other so that there should be fine equality on both sides.

Advantage Of Having A Larger Thumb:

Suppose you have a thumb larger in size than your competitor or opponent. It will be a significant advantage for you in some serious circumstances. However, it might not help you have a huge benefit. Plus, you should remember that there is no particular equipment you need to use in a thumb wrestling bout.

How To Do Scoring In Thumb Wrestling?

Guess what? in such simplistic gameplay, there is no scoring point and no counting of scores as such other games have. it is a simple game in which either you win or lose. Every match here is fought on a single point with one single round.

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But in case you are playing some informal games that come outside the World Thumb Wrestling Championship that comes between the friends and foes, there are different formats to follow. These games or matches are conducted in a best of three or best of five formats.

In those cases, if a player wins two or three rounds respectively, he will be officially pronounced the winner of thumb wrestling.

How Do Winning Comes Here?

As mentioned earlier in this post-winning inside the game is simple and easier. Because in the matches, you have to fight in a single round. In order to officially win the match, one person has to pin the opponent’s thumb by using his own. And this interval must be long enough to easily say the proverb as stated earlier. One, two, three, four, I win thumb-o-war.

Even at the end of this phrase, if your opponent has a thumb pinned, he will be declared a winner. Moreover, one important thing to remember here is that there are no matches that may tie. And these matches will continue till the ending of the game comes up with a winner until the last round.

General Rules Of Thumb Wrestling:

The game combines itself with the following significant rules. Please have a look.

Hand And Player Positions:

In this game, the position of the payer comes facing the opponent. And both players should grasp each other’s same hand, either left or right.

After that, they will hook four fingers of their hands together so that both players must clasp their fingers and hands tightly together.

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Importance Of Rhythm Through The Game:

There is no rule of thumb match when you don’t say the words you are supposed to say. Say it loudly, one-two, three-four, I declare a thumb o war.

Time interval:

The maximum time that should be taken by players while holding their hands is approximately 60 seconds. At this time, each player needs to pull the opponent’s hand.

Referee Agreement:

If the referee ensures that spinning is already done, the referee will go declaring the player a winner.

If No Winner:

In the time interval of 60 seconds, if there comes no winner, there will be 2 further rounds that will be played to find the exact winner.

If No Winner At All:

Suppose even after playing all the rounds, you don’t find any winner at all, what the game is supposed to be all about? Yes, the game will be settled by a sudden death game of rock, paper, and scissors.

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Final Wording About Thumb Wrestling:

Thumb wrestling is quite a simple game that two players can play anywhere anytime without requiring specific equipment, time-space, or any particular condition. However, you must know all the general rules of thumb wrestling in order to play it comfortably as well as with full pace. And I hope that the post has been helpful in giving you what you were supposed to get. That’s been a good session with you if you spent your time here.

Thanks for reading, being available, and considering what I wanted to describe. Have a great day and keep coming for more!

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