General Rules of Playing Football

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The rules of football can be confusing to a newcomer. There are so many different things that you need to know, and it’s not always easy to remember them all. In this comprehensive guide, we will help break down the game into understandable terms and teach you everything you need to know about the rules of football!

It’s important that you know the basics of what is happening on the field so we will start with one player. The quarterback is typically a tall, strong, and mobile individual who stands behind the line of scrimmage. They are tasked with passing or running to advance downfield, but they must be careful not to break any rules! A signal-caller can only throw forward passes if he has been given time by his teammates; once he throws an interception or fumbles during a play then his opponents have it their turn to attack.

Football is one of the most popular games played between two teams having 11 players per side. It is played with a ball, the ball is kicked to score a goal. The term football is replaced by soccer in many countries. The term football refers to the game in which foot and ball are involved hence making it a game played by feet.

Football is said to be evolved from a Chinese game as confirmed by FIFA. With time variations were brought into the game and today it is ruling the world. There are a lot of championships and tournaments are happening around the globe making it fans’ top favorite.

It is played in two halves, each half comprises of 45 minutes. If game is paused due to an injury or appeal, then extra time equal to the time wasted is given. Team which scores most number of goals wins the match. If the teams have scored equal number of goals or no goals then result is decided according to the playing rules.

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Ground Dimension:

Football ground where the match is played is a rectangular one. The length of the field ranges between 100 yards (90m) – 130 yards (120m) while the measurement of the width is in the range of 50 yards (45m) till 100 yards (90m).

The pitch is either a natural one made up of lush green grass or it can be artificially prepared by artificial turf. In the rectangular field, the longer lines are called touchlines while the lines opposite to them are called goal lines. The four corners of the football field are marked by corner flags. At both the ends goal is placed in the middle at the goal lines. A goal is 8 ft. long and 8 yards wide.

General Football Rules

1.     Players

a.      A team consists of 11 players, one goalkeeper and ten outfielders.

2.      Substitute

a.      A team can keep seven substitute fielders out of them only three can play.

b.      If a player suffers an injury and all the three substitutes have been used then that team can’t have another substitute. This means that team will play without a replacement.

3.     Ball

a.      The ball is round in shape with a circumference of 58 – 61 cm.

b.      Ball cannot be touched by outfielders during the game, it can only be kicked (no hands involved only feet).

c.       A goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball to stop the goal within the 18 yards area.

4.      Goal

a.      Goal is scored by kicking the ball into the opponent’s goal.

b.      A legitimate goal is scored when the whole ball cross goal line.

c.       In any of the side line a ball goes out of the field off an opponent, then it counts as a throw in.

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d.      If a ball goes out on the base line off an attacking player then it counts as a goal kick.

e.      If a ball goes out off a defending player then it results in a corner kick.

5.     Time

a.      Initially the match is of 105 minutes; two halves of 45 minutes with 15 minutes gap in between the halves.

b.      An extra time is given to compensate the stop of play caused by any injury.

c.       After the completion of halves, extra time is given equal to the time wasted.

6.     Ground

a.      Within the field, there are two 18 yards boxes and two 6 yards boxes at both the ends. There is a circle in the center whose radius is of 10 yards.

7.     Referee

a.      A match has one referee and two assistant referees.

b.      Referee is responsible for keeping the track of the time and closely observe the match so that they can make decisions whenever required.

c.       A referee has to check penalties, free kicks, throws, fouls and at any point whenever required he can consult assistant referees.

d.      Assistant referees usually check off-sides and throw-ins.

8.     Cards

a.      Fouls result into the issuance of yellow or red card depending upon the severity of the foul.

b.      Yellow card is the warning while red card is termination from the match.

c.       If two yellow cards are shown to a player then it becomes a red card and that player has to leave the field.

d.      There is no replacement of that terminated player.

e.      Referee is responsible for showing of the yellow/red card.

9.     Result

a.      If the scores are levelled then an extra time is given after the completion of allotted 90 mins.

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b.      If result didn’t come in an extra time then the fate of the match is decided on penalty shootouts.


Who invented football?

Football was invented as a result of transformation. Walter Camp also known as the “Father of American Football.” He transformed a rugby like game in to football. As a youngster and medical student, Camp played halfback, also captained his side and that role was equivalent to the role of a head coach. He brought many innovations to the game and introduced the concept of 11 player per side.

Which country started football?

Although the early forms of football started in china which then progressed to some other countries including japan, Greece, Rome etc. but the actual football was introduced by British. England is said to be the country to fully transform the game into football which is played today.

Why is a football match of 90 minutes?

The duration of football was set in 1877 and the length is 90 minutes divided into 45 minutes. An additional time is given at the end of both the halves to compensate for the stopping time during the match.

How do we play football?

Football is a game played with a spherical ball but it cannot be touched with hands. Only feet are involved to play the match. Scores are recorded in terms of the goals scored by the teams. Ball is kicked in to the opposition’s goal to score a goal. Each team can have 11 players including a goalkeeper.

Why is it called football?

American football is called football because it was transformed from rugby football. It involves the use of feet to kick the ball to the goal.

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