General Rules of Tug Of War

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Do you know how much struggle you need to pull the rope to win? Yes, sometimes winning could come from playing a game like tug of war. In this post, I will tell you all the rules of tug of war, and you will get to know deeply about one of the most famous games in this world. Get yourself involved in the game that was played in ancient times, and there is proof that the tug of war was being played in Ancient Greece, China, And Egypt. The game is also known as rope pulling, war of tug, tugging war, and others.

So, make yourself comfortable and start reading this post because I would like to share everything about this old and popular game, tug of war.

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Brief History Of Tug Of War:

This game is practiced and being played in almost every country of the world because there is a history to talk about. The game was a significant part of the Olympic Games in 1900 and 1920.

It was played by men and women and has been a famous game in history. However, since 1920, many efforts have been made to bring this game back to the Olympic games, but all in vain.

The tug of war is being recognized with different names worldwide, including Sokatira in Spain’s Basque Country, Japan’s Tsunahiki, Korea’s Jul Parigi, Indonesia’s Tarik Tambang, and more.

Moreover, many countries around the globe have their own national governing bodies that organize the game of tug of war.

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Also, there is an international body named Tug Of War International Federation. It has been working for a long while and is responsible for organizing matches of tug of war in more than 50 countries.

The Overall Absolute Mission Of The Game:

The only mission you have to complete here is to win from your opponent. Most matches in a tug of war are divided and completed in the best three formats. The objective remains the same, and you must try to win the game in at least two of the matches’ three pulls. While doing every pull, the objective is to pull the opposite team and take the Opposition 4m marker towards the center.

When the mark passes the center line and makes it towards any team, that team is declared a winner. But remember that it is not always possible and easy to tie a tug of war match.

Decision Of Player In Tug Of War:

In the tug of war, every team is based on almost 8 members who need to cooperate with one another and pull the rope.

That’s for sure that the game will look simpler to you. But remember that there is a lot of technicality in this one.

The team members have to keep their eyes open, nerves sharp and utilize a rhythm in helping each other pull the rope effectively. This all happens with the help of a driver. This person is not a member of any team.

But he must act like a coach and give orders different things. Order giving includes when to pull and when to rest from the sidelines.

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Equipment You Need To Play The Tug Of War:

There is only one most important thing you need to play this game, and this is having a rope. The rope is the most important piece of equipment and is approximately 11 cm in circumference. Plus, it should be at least 33.5m long with plain and whipped ends.

Moreover, as a team member or a player, you can use special equipment, including the Specialist Boots, Elbow, Back, Knee Supports, and belts to support your back, etc.

Is There Any Scoring Factor In Tug Of War?

Like other games we have played or discussed, there is no specific rule for making any scores in this game. However, that’s true that the teams are pitted against each other in the best of three matches.

So, there is a form of scoring in which the winner has to win two matches out of the three pulls that both teams face.

Winning The Tug Of War:

The winning inside tug of war is simple and easy to understand. Because every team here has a mark on their ending side of the rope.

That is just 4m from the center. The winning team must pull the rope with all of its strength to take that mark into its side.

 When that happens, the team which has made this effort is declared a winner. Overall, you must have to win two times in order to secure your position as a winner.

Rules of Tug Of War:

The game moves around certain rules, which are given as follows. Please take a look!

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People And Weight Distribution:

  • Every team inside tug of war must have only 8 people or players in it.
  • The game includes different weight classifications. In this case, if the game organizer has established a certain weight classification or type, the weight of 8 people must not be more than that specific limit.

Length And Size Of The Rope:

The rope size and length should be like this.

  • The circumference is approximately 11Cm and should also be marked from the middle.
  • It must be 33.5m long, with a mark in the middle with a center line. And there must be two marks that should be placed at a 4m distance from the center line.


  • The rope in your hand must be pulled while keeping it under your arm, and there should be no one whose elbow must go below the knee. Otherwise, you would definitely have to face a foul.

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Final Wording:

Hopefully, if I am not wrong, then the article has been helpful in understanding all the rules of tug of war. The game is simple and very quick to understand, even for someone new to playing it. No matter how you play, your strength matters a lot, and your struggle through the entire matching matters a lot. So, ensure to be the rebellion guy for having the will, power, and confidence to play this game.

On top of that, thanks for giving your valuable time. Keep visiting for more latest updates on different sports. Take good care and have a nice day!

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