General Rules of Broomball

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Let’s learn all about broomball sport which is kind of impressive when it comes to discussing those games based on the ice and played in that kind of field. It is one of those games closely related to Ice Hockey and was functionally founded in Canada. The exact history of the broom ball is very clear and sound. But it is thought that the game was invented in the Ontario Region of Canada. Here, there are some documented games going back to the Late 1800s.

So, find yourself welcome and read all about this masterpiece as one of the best games in the history of mankind. Let’s figure out the rules you have to follow and what you actually need to do here.

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Know In Depth About Broomball:

Find yourself at a feeling of peace because broomball is a team game where there are two opposing sides of total of six players playing on a fully official ice hockey rink.

But unlike Ice Hockey, where the players prefer to wear some hockey boats, in broomball, the players wear some special rubber-soled shoes and use a different stick which is called a “broom” with a full triangle head for the sole purpose of hitting the ball on the ice. This is done for having an aim to win this game by scoring relatively more and more points than the opponents. However, broomball is relatively very closer to ice hockey. Because it is one of those very physical nature of the games.

Today’s Fame Of Broomball:

These days, the game is played in a very large number of other countries and it is also very particularly popular in those Scandinavian countries which includes Sweden. Sweden is basically a Canadian Province of Manitoba though that is the hotbed of the broomball and where it is played the most. Besides, this game of broomball is officially overseen by the International Federation Of The Broomball Association (IFBA).

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The Main Objective Of The Broomball:

The objective of broomball is very clear and easy to understand because here, only one team has to win the game by scoring alternatively more and more goals than the opposition players. The teams usually do that by moving the ball upfield as a team until they are in the best position to shoot for a goal.

The teams inside the game, whilst attacking the opposition goal, must always be prepared to defend their very own goal as quickly as possible if they lose possession of the ball. Like the official ice hockey, broomball is also an extremely physical game that can get extremely tough at most times.

The Players Inside Broomball:

In an official match of broomball, every single team has a batch of total of six players. These players include the following.

  • There shall be only one goalkeeper.
  • A total of two defenders are also included.
  • This team has a team of three attackers including one on the center and two on the forward side.

The Equipment Inside Broomball:

This sport of broomball is usually played on the regulation of sized ice hockey pitch. It can be played either indoors or outdoors.

Inside the game, every single player is required to wear the following pieces of equipment to stay safe and on the go while playing broomball steadfastly.

  • They must wear gloves.
  • Shin pads
  • A helmet is a must
  • Rubber-soled shoes suitable for running on the ice
  • And elbow pads to keep the elbows safe and secured from injury

These protective pieces of equipment are highly needed and very vital due to the very extreme physical nature of this sport. Here, players have injuries that are relatively common.

Besides, there is a need for a regulation broom which is required by each player and an official broomball ball should also be used in all these games of broomball that are being conducted and played on the board.

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How Does Scoring Happen In Broomball?

Scoring inside broomball is very simple. Because a single goal gives one point and it is scored every time a team manages to hit the ball past the opposition’s goalkeeper. This goes across the Net’s goal line and a point gets scored. However, it always takes a great deal of teamwork to for a team to work the ball into a fully scoring opportunity and the teams must always be aware of the possibility of a counterattack. This counterattack may happen from the opposition side of the game.

How To Win Inside Broomball?

To win this game of broomball, every team participating has to work together to score as many points as it can. These points shall always be more than the opposing team of players. On the other hand, at the end of the game, the team with the most amount of points will be declared the winner. Besides, in a regular season game, tied games do not go to a shootout for personal reasons.

Moreover, in the playoff games, five players from each team will eventually take a penalty shot at a goal. The team that has the most goals at the end of this is declared the winner, the ultimate winner. But if there is still a tie, then further rounds are done on a sudden death format.

The Rules Of Broomball Sport:

This specific type of sport has a couple of rules given below. Please have a look at what you shall be caring off while playing the broomball sport.

First Bench Of The Game:

This game of broomball takes place or starts with the team defending the zone furthest from their bench during the very first period of the day. The changing ends at the end of each period of the game.

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The Tactics:

If the game has already been started, when a faceoff between a player from each team would be done, each team will simultaneously attempt to score a goal in the opposition’s net. In the meantime, each team shall be preventing the opposition from scoring in theirs.

A Faceoff:

The faceoff inside a broomball match occurs at the restarting of the game after every single goal.

Stick Usage:

The players inside the game can easily pass the ball between themselves by using a single stick.

Scoring The Goals:

The goals inside the game can only be scored if the ball has been hit by the stick. A goal will not be awarded if there is no other player rounding off the ball.


The brooms shall never be swung above their waist height.

Number Of Referees:

These games of broomball are fully controlled by a total of two referees who are on the ice during the game. plus, they have the same powers to award the goals. Besides, they do have the same positions for calling penalties, fouls, etc. But in higher-level games, there are often the other officials off the rink too. These include the goal judges and a timekeeper.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, broomball is a sport that lets you have both fun with ice as well as sport. Knowing all about broomball sport reminds you of the background and all about ice hockey because it is somewhat similar to that game. Give me a high five if you have read this guide properly and understood what is said. And don’t wait for too long if you have queries to ask because I am here to answer all of them.

But just in case you have spent quality time being here, have a good day and keep visiting for more blogs. Thanks for reading. Tata Bye-bye!

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