General Rules of Playing Wallyball

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What if I give you a game that both males and females could easily play? Today, in this guide, I would like to share all about the Wallyball game, especially the Wallyball rules. The game is very famous among both male and female sexes, and both play it with firm, passion, and strength. It is a fast, dynamic, and exciting sport that both males and females can easily enjoy in their free time. Moreover, it is also allowed for people of wide ages. The game is also known as Rebound Volleyball, with a closer relation to real Volleyball. Therefore, it shares many rules, playing techniques, and features.

Please make yourself comfortable, and in this article, we will read all about this game and its common rules. Let’s get started with wallyball rules and find what is interesting to talk about.

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About Wallyball And Its Brief History:

The original thought of this wallyball sport came from Joe Garcia. However, the game was actually devised by a gentleman named Bill Dejonghe, belonging to the Calabasas Racquetball Club. He developed this game to give a new rise to his business because he was on the verge of falling.

As the name Joe Garcia is famous in the history of Wallyball, he was the person who was professional at the club. He made every effort to make the game popular and took this game into the mainstream.

Moreover, he was the person who was greatly responsible for the success of the Wallyball that it has today. The game is officially recognized these days, and it has its own rules and regulations. Plus, it is played widely across the world’s nations, usually seen by the American Wallyball Association.

Strength Needed To Play The Game:

The game is just like Volleyball but with certain things happening differently. The players can have the walls and rebound the ball there in this one. It makes it a fast-paced sport in which you have to show a high-level fitness proof. On top of that, you have to keep your mind sharp and your eyes always open.

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Main Objective Of The Game:

Obviously, nothing is different except seeing or doing the same things as you do in other games to win. Your one true objective would be making more scores than your opponent’s team in order to defeat it.

This game looks similar to the volleyball game. Still, on a racquetball court where the player is allowed to hit the ball off the walls, players do whatever is necessary to keep the winning in their favor.

To ensure the one true victory of any team, there are many strategies of Volleyball that players may work on to win. It includes defining the specific defensive and attracting duties. Plus, using a wide variation of the number of touches that might be used before hitting the ball over the net. However, if you apply techniques that might be placed on any curve on the ball, they are not allowed. It may include spiking or the paintbrush technique. But spinning is allowed only if you do it just by hitting the ball in the Centre.

Selection And Decision About Players:

When deciding the positions and number of players on both sides, Wallyball is easy to go with the player’s selection. It is a game to be played between two and four players on each side.

However, according to the AWA, it can be played by a greater number of players on both sides. This organization did a great job in that it worked hard to promote the game around the world and added some new rules into its book. Here and now, Wallyball can have five or six players on each side for playing.

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Equipment Required To Play Wallyball:

There is no need for some special equipment inside this game as it only lets you go for a court and a ball. This game is usually played on a racquetball court 40 feet by 20 feet, having a dividing line sketched in the middle side of the court. Plus, the net should be 3 feet higher.

On deciding the ball to be used inside the Wallyball, it must be between 25 to 27 inches and weigh 9 to 10 ounces. No worries if you don’t find this type of ball. Because still, a wallyball can be used as these balls easily meet these types of stipulations.

How To Perform Scoring In Wallyball Game?

Just like Volleyball, the scoring is pretty similar inside the Wallyball. However, here, you have to do speed scoring. In Volleyball, one can easily score on every single point. But here, inside the Wallyball, the score is only when serving. A single team keeps scoring on each service until the team reaches the freezing point.

A freezing point inside the Wallyball is basically a point where there are only three points less than the number of points a team needs to win the game particularly. A single point is awarded on the next side out when this freezing point occurs. Plus, to score further points, every team has to serve again.

The effectiveness of this game can only be seen once it gets on track. There is nothing much harder to learn than playing an easier game of Volleyball as Wallyball.

When A Team Wins Inside Wallyball?

When a single team reaches the point or number of points required to win the game, the team wins. These numbers are usually 15, 18, and 21 points depending upon the game.

However, that’s also true that some teams may win even on two points which indicates that the game can go beyond these point limits.

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Rules To Follow While Playing Wallyball:

The game is very short and doesn’t ask you much to do. But still, there are some rules to follow that keep you in the correct circle to play nicely. Have a look, please.

Game Officiality:

  • Every wallyball game must be played on 15, 18, or 21 points. The game organizers and other officials assign these points.
  • All matches of the Wallyball must be played on an official racquetball court. Otherwise, there will be no match.
  • The matches must consist of two or three games only.

Players Management:

  • Every player is allowed to wear shorts, training shoes and T-shirts.
  • Each team has a two time-out period based on just 30 seconds.
  • A team may consist of two to four players.


  • Keeping the service order throughout the fame must be in your mind.
  • The ball can fall out of the bounds whenever it hits the opposition’s back wall of the room’s ceiling.
  • You may play the ball again if it touches or rebounds off the net.


  • No player can have the ball in his hand, scoop it, lift it, or carry it. Because it would be a fault too.
  • Players are not usually allowed to touch any part of the net unless the ball is in the playing area. It would be called a fault if you will accidentally do it.

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Final Thoughts:

Playing Wallyball is fun if you play it with your college, university, or schoolmates. The Wallyball rules are simple and quick to learn, even for a newbie. Therefore, you can adopt these rules and have fun while playing this speedy game in your desired playing area.

Moreover, keep coming for more games and their rules. Have a good day!

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