General Rules of Playing Water Polo

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While enjoying the cold water of the swimming pool we all desire to play a game so that we can enjoy it a little more. It doesn’t matter what type of game it is; we just decide and start playing. However, have you heard about water polo? Because if you didn’t, I will let you know all about the rules of water polo and especially about this game as to how you play it and how it lets you enjoy it endlessly. Give your day to me and I will make your pool time way better because I have chosen this game, especially for those pool lovers.

Let’s get started with the rules of water polo and make you aware of everything about this game. There are many things to discuss and you will definitely enjoy not just reading, but when you would be playing it officially.

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When The Water Polo Came Into Being?

Water polo officially originated in Great Britain and it was one of those high-end sports games that were officially featured for the very first time in the Olympics games in 1900. The game requires that type of player to have an excellent degree of stamina with a high level of fitness to play inside the pool. Yes, we are talking here about a dynamic game that mostly loves playing. You will be seeing a fast and furious type of action inside the game full of endless excitement and gives a hell of movement with better things to do.

With a full combination of more fun to enjoy having swimming, throwing, treading water, catching, and shooting throughout the game all included to beat that opponent team coming in your way. Every match has a combination of almost 4 quarters that you can play and enjoy inside the pool. When it is officially played, it is overwatched by FINA, the Federation International De Natation.

The Main Objective Of The Game:

The game is all about teamwork inside the pool. You will have to work as a team and you will have a view that bids on putting the ball into the net on the opposition side. It is known as a scoring pool. Like the other sports based on team membership, your only objective will be the best player to do more score on your team side.

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And ultimately help your team reach the limit where you can prove that you are the winner. Every team has to score up to 20 goals and this makes the water polo stands one of the high scoring games.

Players Inside The Water Polo:

Inside water polo, every single team has a collection of almost 7 players. Of these, six remain as outfield players and the last one stays as a goalkeeper. Just like other games based on team membership such as hockey or soccer, the game players have very specific positions to keep while being inside the water and swimming pool.

Positions To Keep Inside The Game:

There are two types of positions that players have to keep in this water polo. These positions are either offensive or defensive. With offensive positions, you have to keep in mind the center forward, and two wings that keep playing on the flans of the pool. A point that is placed and positioned around that 5m line.

On the other hand, in defensive positions, there is only one position that includes a ‘Hole D’. The player positioned at this place has nothing to do except to steal the ball and be a defender against the goal and goalie. However, there will be players without having any entitled positions and these are the ones you can find similar in a soccer game. They help inside the game with the offensive and defensive positions.

Equipment In The Water Polo:

The good news to play this game is that there is not much equipment to choose from. All you need is a ball and a net inside a water pool and you are good to go.

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Moreover, since you are playing the game inside the water, you may need to wear some swimming caps, swimsuits, or any trunks plus some goggles inside the water

How To Do Scoring Inside The Water Polo?

To score inside the Water Polo, the ball must have completed past the goal post and below the crossbar. Any team may have an occupation on the ball for almost 30 seconds even without shooting for the goal.

However, if the shot gets taken and the ball rebounds, the shot clock is reset and the 30 seconds start clicking again. In this way, you can do scoring inside the game which is much easier.

What is Requires For Winning Inside The Water Polo?

Winning is just like doing something we do in the football game. if the game gets tied, there will be a need for a penalty shootout. It will determine who the winner is.

In this case, all the players from each team shoot alternatively from the 5M line. However, even after completing the penalty the score remains the same and the team remains tied, the second team will go for its turn. The two basic things inside the water polo are overtime and shootouts.

Rules To Follow While Playing Water Polo:

There are no games out there that don’t come with some standard rules to follow. The same is the case with Water Polo. In this game, you have to follow the following rules to ensure that you are playing according to them.

The Area For Playing:

  • The game is decided to play in an area of 30m to 20m by having a minimum depth of 2m. It should be a swimming pool so that you can play accordingly.

Selection Of Players:

  • Every team can have up to 13 players in total. Between these, 7 would be present inside the playing area and the other 6 players would be sitting on the field. Plus 1 would be the goalie.
  • In the game, every player is permitted to use only one hand for holding the ball. However, the goalie has the right to use two hands with 5m of their own goal.
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Quarters To Play:

  • The water polo should be played in almost 4 quarters which every single quarter would last for almost eight minutes. In between these quarters, you will also have a 2-minute break to relax and come up with a new spirit for playing.

Rules For Players:

  • It is a little tough to play here because players have to do much effort. They have to advance the ball that would be upfilled by swimming with the ball just in front of them. or bypassing this to the other teammates.
  • Moreover, the players inside the game are also not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. Plus, for the entire match, they are also not allowed to tread water or swim.

Goal Scoring:

  • There is a one-time rule that the team can retain the ball only for 30 seconds without shooting this at a goal.
  • However, the goal is likely to equal only one point and is scored when the ball is pushed and thrown completely between the goalposts and under the crossbar.


  • There are either some ordinary fouls or major fouls. Therefore, the players are only allowed for three major fouls. If there will be more, they might get out of the game.
  • Moreover, even if playing the game so far there remains a tied match, the teams may go for a shootout to decide who is the winner.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, the article has helped you in understanding all the rules of the Water polo game since I can find you at the end of the article. Let me know if you have any queries to ask. Thanks for reading and spending time. Have a big day!

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