General Rules of Playing Volleyball

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If I am not wrong, you probably have played Volleyball with your friends at your school, college, or university level once in your life. It is quite famous and is being played widely and famously among people worldwide. However, in this article, I would like to share all the Volleyball rules that you might never know before and didn’t apply while playing it. These rules will let you play the game in a more sophisticated way and more energetically than ever before.

So, relax and look at what you need to know and what you need to do while playing Volleyball. Let’s get started!

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A Brief History Of Volleyball:

Since the game was officially in the world in 1895, it has been here with multiple variations. It has evolved much, and many people named it different names. However, in 1964, the game became the official part of the Olympic Games. These days, the game is very famous. It has a global following with multiple nations from all over the world professionally competing. It becomes more fun when you see the world-famous players fighting and playing in the Olympics.

The Main Objective Of The Game:

There is only one objective the game assigns you to keep and play around on. This is just having the ball and hitting it over the net. You can only use your hands and nothing.

Besides that, the hitting takes place through the center of the court, which involves bouncing the ball into the opponent’s half.

The team playing on the opposite side will have to try harder in order to prevent the ball from entering their hall.

This game is played out in the best of three to five sets. And the team that stays with more sets at the end of the game usually wins.

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Selection Of Players:

There are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to deciding the number of players each team may have. The selection is simple. Every team can have 6 players on a court at any time and only time. However, you are also allowed to use substitutes throughout the game.

The game has no restrictions on professional Mixed Sex Teams. In this one, every placer takes the desired position of either the attacking zone, which is next to the net. Or it could be the defensive zone at the back side of the court. Moreover, three players will always stay in each zone. They will keep rotating in a clockwise position after every point-making.

Size Of The Court:

The size of the court also matters to confirm in order to play according to the game rules. It must be rectangular with measurements of 18m to 9m. The Net height must be 2.43 m high, with a ball measuring 8 inches in diameter. Plus, the ball must weigh only 9 to 10 ounces which is the normal weight of a volleyball. Moreover, when you look around the outlines of that court, you will find the out-of-bounds area. If you find the ball and it gets bounced in these sections, the point will be awarded to the opposing team without any waiting.

Time Outs:

Every team plays for almost a timeout of 30 seconds. Hence, after completing every set, the amount of the timeouts reset to back. It happens without considering how many time intervals have been used previously.

To-Do Scoring Inside The Volleyball Game:

The score inside this Volleyball only happens when the ball hits the ground within the specified area of the opponent team’s half. The score will also happen when the opponent hits the ball, and it gets hit to the net. In this case, it doesn’t matter which team serves; a point can be earned.

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Service In Volleyball:

The player must keep this thing in mind to serve from behind the baseline. He can use either an over or an underarm action, but the ball must be hit with only one hand. When the player has done service, he can join the other team players and start defending it against the opponent.

Hitting The Ball:

Every single team has the opportunity to hit the ball almost three times before it must be returned. In succession, no player is allowed to hit the ball two times. Moreover, if you find the ball hitting the boundary line, the ball is still deemed to be in the play. It will be the duty of the defensive team to stop that ball from entering their court. If the team successfully blocks the ball and bounces it back to the opponent’s half, it will earn a point.

However, if this doesn’t happen and the ball enters the court, a point will be given to the opponent’s team. 25 is the number up to which each game must be played. And there must be two points clear. If the score reaches 24 points, the game is played until any team leads to the two. In this way, Volleyball will be played and continued.

How Winning Comes Here?

There is only one golden rule to win in any game, and this is nothing more than just doing more scores than your opponent team.

Yes, you will have to perform better than your rival. The best of the 3 or 5 sets are played, and mostly, the winner becomes the first team that reaches the required number of sets before. In this way, you are awarded the medal or whatever price has been settled up.

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General Rules Of  Volleyball Game:

Like others, Volleyball has rules too to follow. Therefore, here you will have to follow the following rules to ensure you are playing as desired.

Players And Substitutes:

There are 6 players with 6 substitutes that can be replaced at any time during the game. However, the second replacement would also be the same as placing the player who was replaced before.

Game Violation:

  • If you stop over the baseline when you are serving the ball.
  • You be able to hit the ball with the net, but it gets fails to get over the net.
  • No player is allowed to carry, palm, or run with this Volleyball.
  • There shouldn’t be any net touching any part of your body. Keep this thing in your mind until and unless there is something that happens accidentally.
  • It will also violate the game if the ball fails to travel under the net.
  • Moreover, you cannot reach over the net and hit the ball for that!

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Final Thoughts:

All Volleyball rules are not hard to learn if you already know how to play this game, And I don’t think that such a profound gamer doesn’t know how to play inside Volleyball. But apart from that, I tried my best to be aware of all the rules of this game. You can read these and apply them accordingly.

Overall, thanks for spending time and giving this piece of content a value. Don’t forget to share with others. Keep coming, keep playing!

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