General Rules of Archery

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Before we step into the rules of archery, let’s figure out the brief history of the Archery, how people take it, and how they play it? So, basically, Archery is that kind of game that goes and played thousands of years back. Even it is possible that Archery is as old as the stone age of 20,000 BC.

The basic thing to understand is that multiple people over the millennia used to have bows and arrows for hunting and warfare from where this game was born. It is too important to know that in every corner of this world, Archery was present.

Measuring from the Ancient Egyptians to the Shang dynasty of the great chine ( ranging from 1766 to 1027 BC, and from Attila the Hun’s Hord to the great civilizations of the Assyrians, Parthians, and Persians, Archery was a famous game to be played.

Undoubtedly when you are going to play such a historical game, you need to understand all about it. Despite its unique history, the game has much to tell you. So, please keep reading!

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The Game’s Prosperity During The Years:

While playing the Archery, there is just a simple thing to do. All you have to do is use the stringed bow and to people the arrows by keeping an eye on the target present just in front of you. That’s a simple game you can play. But remember, before it reached you, it took Archery to survive through a lot.

When it started, there was a need for the huntsman and soldiers to master Archery. It led them to practice the art thoroughly, giving rise to the vast tournaments.

In 1583, there was the first archery event in Finsbury in England. Almost 30000 participants attended this event.

However, when the world keeps heading toward technological advancement, games like Archery started losing their importance. Because when there was the development of the guns, the Archery was impacted badly, resulting in losing its appeal on the battlefield.

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Still, it tried to remain popular because there are some pastimes. Still, regular competitions in the Archery are organized in different countries worldwide.

In Olympics, Archery was first introduced in 1900 for men and in 1904 for women. It was one of the earliest sports recognized, especially for female competitors. Then in 1908 and 1920, it was dropped off for a long time. In 1972, the time came back when it became the games’ mainstay.

Main Objective Of The Archery:

You have to be very serious and conscious about your target in this game. When it comes to playing competitive Archery, you are actually working on the one that includes aiming the arrows at your designated target. Even though the game has various forms, all include the same aim to target or conquer. You just have to shoot your arrow as close to the center as possible.

When it comes to participating and playing the game in Olympics, the competitors aim at their target of almost 70 meters. Plus, in rounds, there comes a ranking round where all the athlete scores judge the rankings before a head-to-head elimination format.

Main Rules Of The Archery:

The game revolves around the following amazing rules that you have to follow while playing it.

Players And Mechanism:

It is transparent that only one person or archer can hold the bow at a time. Plus, the other individuals or team competitors are undertaken.

The participating archer must have his own bow described by the World Archery Federation.

It is basically an instrument that consists of a handle, rise, and two flexible limbs, each end having a tip with a string nock.

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Usage Of Finger Protection:

While playing the Archery, the player must use any finger protection for safety concerns. It includes using tape or gloves. Moreover, chest protectors, arm guards, and other accessories enhance comfort and safety during nonstop playing.

Target Diameter:

The target diameter varies in different sizes. The ones used in Olympic archery events come with 122 cm measurements in diameter. But also contain 10 concentric rings that represent different scoring sections.

  • These rings are colored as.
  • Outmost two rings are white
  • Three and four are colored black
  • Five and six come blue.
  • You will find seven and eight red and nine and ten gold.

Scoring Factor:

While counting scores in Archery, you do the following things in order.

  • The inner gold ring has a score of number 10
  • Arrows that miss the target do not score anything
  • You have the chance to shoot 72 arrows in 12 phases. The overall score coming from here decides your ranking in Olympics
  • Tournaments also vary where you find differences between the number of arrows competitors and the distance target

No Unethical Means Of Playing Archery:

You are supposed to follow all the legal rules of the game without mixing in the fine playing of the Archery. Use the bow as mentioned, adhere to the distance rules and perform as expected. Otherwise, you will be disqualified and may have to bear a certain penalty.

Maximum Timing For Shooting Arrows:

  • When you need to shoot an end of three arrows, only two minutes are granted
  • When you need to shoot an end of six arrows, four minutes are granted

Waiting For The Signal:

Keep this thing in your mind to not raise the bow arm until you don’t get the signal to start the game. You may have to face penalties if you bow to the raised even before the permission.

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Arrow Shooting Circumstances:

You cannot re-shoot any arrow in any circumstances. However, if the arrow falls or you experience any misfire, or if the target blows or falls over, it will not be considered an official one. You will eventually get some extra time in this kind of circumstances.


Based on the severity of the offense, you being an athlete to play Archery, can be banned or disqualified, or your points might have been deducted if you breach any rules. Therefore, you must always play under the mentioned rules.

Equipment Efficiency:

Before starting, ensure that your equipment is good enough to be in your hands. However, if it is damaged or has any part broken, you can appeal to the judges to send someone to examine it. It can either be replaced or fixed.

Winning The Archery:

There are basically two scenarios for winning in the archery tournament based on the one in which the archer is participating.

  • First, you win when you have the highest total number of scores.
  • Or you win when you have successfully defeated all those opponents in a knockout scenario.

So, make sure you are one of them.

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Final Thoughts:

Like other masterpiece games, including soccer, football, cricket, etc., Archery is also something you would love to play. You can have this game either on your mobile device or computer, or you can play live. The rules of Archery are very simple, and anyone can understand them. However, we hope that the article helped let you understand all those rules. Therefore, you won’t mind sharing it with others who would love to know all about Archery.

Moreover, thanks for spending your precious time. Keep coming for more game rules. Have a nice day!

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