General Rules of Arm Wrestling

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Have you got the ability and power to defend yourself on the battlefield of arms against your enemy or friend? Welcome to read all the general rules of arm wrestling I will discuss in this post. It is a fact that Arm Wrestling has been quite popular worldwide for a large span. It is basically a game in which a test of one’s strength against the other happens. The game is based on two people who prefer to stand or sit at a table.

These two groups each other’s hands while the elbows must be placed on the table. That’s simple to understand that the game is very easy to play. But it still comes with multiple rules you will figure out in this guide.

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Arm Wrestling Fame:

The game’s only rule is to defeat your opponent by using your physical and psychological strength to put his hand on the table. So, it will require your excellent skill and stamina to beat your competitive arm wrestler.

When you talk about the officiality of this game, there are multiple Arm Wrestling bodies and federations worldwide that organize various arm wrestling tournaments. However, the most and the main one is the World Arm Wrestling Federation which has a full eye view of the Arm-Wrestling World Championships worldwide. In this article, the rule you will read about arm wrestling is referred to by this organization.

However, that is also important to understand that these rules about arm wrestling differ across the different authorities or leading organizations worldwide. But the real mechanics always remain the same, beating the other opponent on a table!

The Main Goal Of The Game:

There are no hard and fast rules to understand the psyche besides this game. But only one rule, and this revolves around defeating your opponent. Take a deep breath, hold your opponent’s hand with firmness and power, and pin it down on the table touchpad so that it won’t rise again. Do you have the will to do something like that? You have to use your strength as well as a unique technique.

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General Rules Of Arm Wrestling:

The game, though, looks simple and easy to play. But it contains multiple rules to fight this battle. Please look at what rules this arm-wrestling has and how you need to cover them.

Number Of Referees:

In arm wrestling, every single match will be officiated by two referees. They will be standing on each side of the participants so that they can see the competitor’s positions, their grip, and other things from both sides.

Time Limit:

In this game, there is no time limit to be worried about. However, a referee may call for a halt if he didn’t see both or any of the participants in a fit condition to start the match.

Attachment  To The Table:

Before the match starts, both the competitors must be present alongside the table and make sure that they are comfortable.

Then they need to grip each other’s hands. The gripping must be just like what the professional does. The players must be attaching a palm to the other palm.

And the thumb knuckle must be visible. On the other hand, competitors must grip the hand peg to get support for more power.

Contest Beginning:

The game will begin when the referees are happy with the grip of both competitors. They can also choose to start the match in the referee’s grip. Or they should agree to start this in a strip. Please do your best to defeat the opponent and put his hand on the touchpad.

Winning The Match:

There are different perspectives on winning arm wrestling when participating in the match.

In individual Matches—When only two people are participating in the match, choosing the winner is easier. The one who puts effort ultimately becomes the winner.

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World Arm Wrestling Championships—There is only one round when players are playing in this kind of competition. However, when it varies with different competitions under the different types of foundations, rules, or any other regulations, the match may be fought on the best of three or best of five. Or there could be an alternative basis.

Winning By Numbers—In the Worldly held Arm Wrestling Championships, the winning team is the one that has earned more points. These points can be earned from the performance of their team members that they earn from their respective individual events.

Pressure Limits:

When both are having this arm-wrestling fight, the pressure must be in the sideways capacity. It should be in the direction to force the competitive hand so that you may put that to the ground. However, backpressure for any reason is not allowed at all.


When there are individual matches, counting scores and deciding winning or losing is very easier in one round.

But when there is a World Arm Wrestling Championships to face, the individual champion’s performance always gives the points. Every member is awarded certain points that collectively decide how many a particular team has.

10 points1st
7 points2nd
5 points3rd
4 points4th
3 points5th
2 points6th
1 point7th


You also need to remember that there are multiple fouls that the arm wrestler may commit. These include the following.

  • Touching yourself during the match
  • Crossing shoulders in an opposite area
  • Dropping you’re should below the height of the touchpad also gives you a foul
  • Using foul language is also not appropriate
  • You may abuse, and that’s not appropriate as it shows a poor sportsmanship

Remember Warnings:

There are only two warnings to remember inside the game. You get two fouls, and this will equally go towards your disqualification. As a result, the opponent will win the match.

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Equipment In Arm Wrestling:

When some official World Arm Wrestling Tournaments happen, they have tables organized with the following features to ensure the WAF rules. The tables usually consist of the following.

  • Elbow Pads
  • TouchPads
  • Hand Pegs

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Was The Arm Wrestling First Introduced?

Arm Wrestling was first introduced in 1952 at Giladri’s Salon in Petaluma, California. From that period, this has traveled this far, and now it is one of the excellent games in the Olympics. It was a regular sport for college students, and it was very famous in the bars. People used to bid on their favorite players when they used to fight.

Can Three People Play At The Same Time In Arm Wrestling?

Arm Wrestling is the game of two people only. However, more people cannot play it. But when there is a competition based on a team, any number of players can participate.

Is It A Legal Game To Play?

Yes, the game is officially recognized and widely accepted by many. Several states organize official arm wrestling tournaments where people participate, play, fight and try to win.

Should You Play Arm Wrestling At Your School?

If you are solid enough, you can play this game with your friends. Please don’t let the game turn into an actual fight. Just be strong and try to fight with your full power.

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Final Thoughts:

If I can find you at this end of the article, I am sure you have read all the general rules of Arm wrestling carefully. I hope that there is nothing left uncovered. So, organize your own tournament and see if you can play better Arm Wrestling. Don’t worry the rules will never bother you. However, if you love reading, don’t forget to spread the word.

Plus, keep coming for more latest updates on sports and their rules. Have a great day!

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