All About Chess Boxing

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Do you know what is Chess boxing? Because if you don’t, I am going to tell you all about chess boxing in this guide.  This game of chess boxing has been here from 1992 and it is a sport which requires the players both brain as well as brawn. From 1992, the sport has become famous globally which includes countries like England, France, Germany, Russia And Netherlands as well as Japan plus all those countries that are accepting new sports. The players participating inside the Chess Boxing have to have skills of both boxing and chess to complete at the highest level inside the game.

Therefore, reading and knowing all about chess is totally worth it if you have stepped into this guide. Please keep reading till the end to know everything about chess boxing.

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The Main Objective Of Chess Boxing:

Like other boxing competitions or games, it has the same distinctive objective. Such objective is based on either beating the opponent in the alternative rounds of chess or boxing. Or these matches of chess boxing can also be won from either discipline with the chess coming down to the check mate or for the forfeit. Plus, the boxing in either a stoppage or points decision. This all states that the objective of chess boxing is fairly simple and easy to understand.

The Players Inside Chess Boxing:

Here, the players have a rule for going head to head in chess boxing. Plus the match usually starts with a collectively four minute round for the chess. After that, the players go for the ring and there is a three minute round which is dedicated for the second part, boxing of this game. This round has to be completed before the player returns back to the chess board once again. In a chess boxing match, there are total 11 rounds. Between these rounds, there are total 6 rounds for the chess and 5 rounds for the boxing. Moreover, there will be an extra 1 minute interval between these rounds.

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Equipment For The Players To Wear:

The equipment inside Chess boxing are very simple to find out. For this, following list of equipment is needed to play this professional game of chess.

Boxing Gloves:

Each player inside the ring has to wear some sort of highly drafted and specially created boxing gloves. But these must only be for the ring to wear. When the players are in the chess round, these will be removed.

Head Phones:

Players of chess boxing need to wear head phones when they are participating for the chess round. This is because, they shall not be able to hear any sound from the spectators and cause themselves with any kind of disturbance.

The Chess Side:

In this sport, the official chess side is usually played over a total of 12 minute clock. This is essential known as a “Speed Chess”. In this game, the officials may step in if they would believe that a player to be stalling in the chess rounds which is basically forcing them into a full move within 10 seconds of play.

How To Score Inside Chess Boxing?

In Chess Boxing, Scoring is very simple. The rounds dedicated for the boxing are usually scored on a normal boxing match which takes upon points. This happens until and unless the chess game has been a conclusion which is very rare to happen inside this sport. After that, the game will go for counting back on the boxing points. If due to any reason, a match of chess boxing gets draw, a player playing on the side with some black chess pieces will be called the winner of this game.

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How To Win Inside Chess Boxing?

Winning inside chess boxing could be a little complicated due to two sides of the game. Therefore, in order to win inside chess boxing, you have to win either by earning a gain check mate or should receive a withdrawal from the chess game. On the alternative sides, you can always knock down your opponent out in the boxing or win over the points to get or be the winner if the chess has been drawn.

All Chess Boxing Rules:

The game has couple of rules for you to follow if you want to play it decently and with all the imperial rules and regulations. Please have a look at what is best considering inside chess boxing.

Importance Of Time:

The players inside chess boxing take a serious not on time. Because they shall never waste time when playing this masterpiece game. And it is especially more important to give value to the time hen you are playing on the chess side of the game.

Moreover, if the referees dream that they are then there shall be a 10 second penalty placed on the significant moment of wasting time.

Player’s Understanding:

The players inside Chess Boxing must have a full understanding of both disciplines. This includes both boxing and chess sides of the game.

Chess Rating For The Players:

Inside Chess Boxing, the players must have a chess rating of almost 1800 points to compete inside this sport. Because otherwise, they are not worthy contestants to find the needed approval.

Total Rounds:

In a chess boxing competition, there shall be 6 rounds of chess as well as 5 rounds of boxing. These will be completed unless the contest is stopped by declaring a winner in the previous round.

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Final Thoughts:

Chess boxing is relatively highly engaging and combating support in which if a player is participating, he must be both physically and mentally strong. Because he has to deal with two parts in a single game which requires a comparatively more hustle and bustle. But due to this nature of the game, only the players meeting high standards take part in the chess boxing competitions. So, I hope that article has provided you with all the things you needed to learn in All about chess boxing.

Hit me up for further queries. Take good care of yourself and have a blossom day!

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