All About Croquet Rules

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Welcome to know all about croquet rules which is imaginably one of the most or perhaps the most quintessentially English game which is highly played internationally. What could be finer than having a game of Croquet, a cucumber sandwich on any rare sunny day in England, and a full glass of Pimm’s enjoying and getting excited? There can be many things probably, but our entire focus will be on discussing the ultimate rules of this sport.

So, stay away from whatever you are doing and give me your all attention. I am here to share everything about Croquet which is indeed a game hard to find and pleasant to play. Let’s get started!

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A Brief History Of Croquet:

In 1856, Croquet’s first accepted and widely rated rules were registered. Even despite the fact that there are many similar games played in the early years of the 1600s, it was quite famous. In many other parts of this world, the game has different variants and slightly altered versions which are highly popular among people of croquet. However, in the simplest forms, these rules are nothing more than just hitting the balls across a prepared lawn which happens through the hoops by using a wooden mallet. Therefore, we will closely look at the most official rules of the Garden Croquet in this guide which are based on the World Croquet Federation.

The Entire Objective Of Croquet:

The game has a very distinctive objective which comes by maneuvering your balls over a specified lawn. These must pass through the total six hoops and shall be in the right direction as well as correct order. After that, “peg out” by hitting the central peg.

The Players Inside Croquet:

This game of Croquet can easily be played between one against one (singles) or two against two players which we call doubles. But despite this, there are some other versions of this croquet. In this game, one side of the player uses a black ball. While the other uses a blue one. However, the other teams are usually allowed to use red and yellow balls. Plus, these are a total of three inches in entire diameter and have one pound weight.

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The Equipment Inside Croquet:

The game has solid equipment that you need to find out as it is important to keep them with you on the play. The balls discussed above are confirmed. But here, the player also needs a fully constructed wooden mallet which is needed to strike the balls. These mallets come with a few regulations including 2.3 to 3.5 pounds in the weight. Plus, these should be almost 24 to 40 inches long. These mallets must also have a head around up to nine to 12 inches long with a fully square face. But there are some round faces which can also be used.


The lawn inside the croquet is normally of 17.5 m by 14m. But this is for the casual player having any decent-sized and relatively smooth grass area which will suffice. Besides, at most croquet clubs, where the grass is usually shorter and therefore relatively faster than a standard lawn, it could be as big as 32m by 25.6m. Moreover, the most important thing about that grass is that its proportions are usually kept roughly with the same measurements.

The Hoops:

Inside the game, there are some hoops that will be used. These hoops are eventually made from metal for solid competition play and there are 12 inches high as well as 3.5 inches wide and only slider wider than the balls. The hoops are regularly laid out in a full set of configurations. Roughly speaking, these are numbers one and two on the left side of any end.

Plus, there shall be number three and number four on the right side. In addition to this, the number five and number six shall be in the middle as well as slightly nearer to the peg. This shall also be in the middle which is used for the starting and ending of this game of Croquet.

How To Score Inside Croquet?

Scoring inside this game is totally simple. Because in any association croquet, where the Garden Croquet is a derivate of this game, the scores shall be counted or the points shall be scored by getting every single ball through each hoop. Plus, there will be an additional point awarded for hitting the peg with each ball. This gives a total maximum of almost 14 points inside the game.

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How Does Winning Come In Croquet?

Any side or player which does total of 14 scores or scores 14 points collectively at first is called the winner of the game. And this will only happen when passing both balls through all the six hoops and then pegging every single ball out.

All Croquet Rules To Follow:

There are some easy rules of this game that players need to follow and understand. These are enlisted as follows.

Tossing A Coin:

In the croquet, a coin will be tossed which will determine who is gonna be the first player who loses the toss and take a look at the ball which shall be picked up and used.

Players Playing Inside Croquet:

Every single player inside the game plays in turn. This includes taking one shot unless there are some extra shots are earned. These extra shorts are gained by either running a full hope which is exactly passing through the correct hoop. Or by hitting one of the other three balls. Respectively these actions earn one and two extra shots for the player.

The First Four Turns:

Inside the game, the total first four turns must really be used to bring all of those four balls into the play. After this, you can choose to play either the ball. But there is no doubt that some extra shots can also be earned immediately.

Hitting Another Ball:

If you accidentally or mistakenly hit any other ball, (make a roquet) and earn total two extra shots, here, the first one will likely to be played in contact with the roquet ball. However, if you want to do so, you have to move your ball and place it anywhere in the contact with the eventual ball that has been hit. Besides, that roqueted ball shall also move or even shake with some next strikes. In this situation, the next shot that the player will have is called the continuation shot and shall be played from where the first original ball lies.

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Extra Shots:

Any extra shots are not really cumulative. Plus, you can only earn those extra shots once from each ball until and unless the next hoop is scored.

No Penalty:

If any ball is stuck off the lawn or entirely lies within a single meter of the edge, it shall be moved to a meter inside that lawn. You will not have any penalty for that.

In Order To Score A Full Hoop:

In any case, if you want to score a hoop, there will be no part of the ball that would be visible on the entire original side of the hoop. Therefore, all the balls must always pass through the least some part of the hoop.

Ball Stuck:

There is the only way when the ball can be stuck as it should have the face of the mallet and must be hit cleanly without it should move to the other balls any other hoops or peg to make a clean shot.

Removing The Ball From The Play:

At the end, when a ball is in contact with the peg at the end of the game, it will be removed completely from the play.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, knowing all about croquet rules is a worth you will not understand until you have read this guide up to this point. The game is very energetic and requires you plenty of things to take care of while playing. Therefore, I hope that the guide has been helpful in letting you understand all about that. But in any case, if your mind is full of any queries, you should let me know in person.

However, thanks and applause for such a great time and being here. Have a blossom day!

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