All Kickboxing Rules

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If you love boxing games, you probably would love to read all kickboxing rules in this that I am going to share lately. The game is relatively modern and has full contact support that also includes martial art. It has its roots in several other martial disciplines despite just being famous for boxing. The game took its horizon in the USA in the year 1970 where it was an amalgamation of several different and other highly known striking arts. This was put in a more familiar American Concept. And that was all possible by manly holding the competitions in a boxing ring.

So, welcome to find yourself lucky while reading all rules of this impressive game that is here to open your nerves and brainwash your mind with something completely new. Let’s end the discussion and start taking a look at what is additional in Kickboxing.

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A Brief Touch To The History Of Kickboxing:

There are several games including Japanese Karate, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Sport, The French Kicking art of the Savate, and Korean Taekwondo that were fully responsible for this modern sport of kickboxing. These games made Kickboxing famous and relatively popular all across the world. However, the Americans and Japanese are two great nations who are at the strongholds of these sport and are currently contributing much to it.

History repeats itself for this kind of enthusiastic support as the American Scene for this game was dominated by its own homegrown superstars including Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, Benny Urquidez, and Bill Supper foot Wallace. But despite this, in Japan, their K1 Kickboxing promotions gradually became a big box office draw. And from the 90s, these were the most and top attracting competitors all among the world.

Kickboxing At Present:

Even there is an Overshadowed effect of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sport. But the game is still popular all over the world. Unlike some other sports, this kickboxing has a vast multitude of various National And International associations as well as Governing Bodies.

However, even though there are some slightest discrepancies, the rules of this full contact Kickboxing still remain the same even regardless of the association which is organizing its matches.

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The Ultimate Objective Of The Kickboxing:

Somewhat similar to the Boxing game, the game holds the same objective of knocking and beating your opponent out. This is to be done by using some kicking as well as punching techniques to completely knock these people out. Or making them such disabled as the referee himself tries to stop these fights. Or to display some excellent skills in both defending and attacking on the judge’s point cards.

The game we currently are talking about is an officially structured full contact support. Here, the striking can be done by using hands and feet both at a time. Therefore, the kickboxers should have to be totally fit and flexible. Because there, some of the most effective and money-making tricks would be kicks to the opponent’s head.

Equipment Required Inside Kickboxing:

For equipment, the game doesn’t ask you for several stuff. You just have to ensure the availability of the following few pieces of equipment inside the game.

The Boxing Ring:

All the matches inside kickboxing are organized and played in a boxing ring. And the size of this ring may vary several times because it depends on the different associations and promotions organizing this sport.

Gloves For Boxing:

Kickboxers have to wear some sort of regulation gloves and these could be in any color. However, below or underneath these gloves, the boxers have to use hand wraps. These wraps help the kickboxers in keeping their fist in the shame and prevent any injuries to the wrist or knuckles.

The Footpads:

Kickboxers are also allowed to use their feet as striking weapons. But to keep them safe, they have to wear pads. In this case, wearing pads on the feet makes a significant difference between kickboxing and its totally closest relative Thai Boxing. In Thai boxing, the boxers don’t have to use any foot pads. Because they are not allowed to use their knees or elbows for striking.

Those Groin Guards And Mouth Guards:

Kickboxers also wear some groin guards and mouth guards in order to protect their teeth and other parts of the mouth.

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How Does Winning Happen In Kickboxing?

The scoring method used in a Kickboxing match could be totally different in one match from another depending on the organization which is organizing it.

However, the vast majority of this game uses the method of counting scores same as happens in boxing.

The judges or referees have the positions to score each fighter in a single round depending upon the performance he shows in that round. Therefore, here, the points are awarded in the following order and method.

10 Points:

A total of 10 points is given to the player who proves himself a better fighter inside the game.

9 Points.

Another fighter would be awarded 9 points in the game.

Total 10 To Both Players:

However, if both fighters appear to perform equally well in a competition, both will be given 10 points for a single round.

8 Points:

But if any player inside the ring appears to outperform significantly or has completely knocked the other player down, this round will score 10 points to eight. 10 for the winner and 8 for the loser or who has been knocked down.

How Does Winning Happen In Kickboxing?

The game gives some similar ways of winning for a player which is equal to the Muay Thai sport and Boxing. Here, a fighter can win by the following means.

A Full Knockout:

This is a situation when a fighter or a striker completely knocks out his opponent as he doesn’t be able to carry on further. A counting up to 10 is counted and then the striker is automatically declared a winner if the knocked-out player doesn’t stand up during this interval.

However, he has the chance to get up and fight again when this counting is being counted.


It is a situation for a winning player when the losing player doesn’t be able to continue farther in the game.

It means, the referee decides that the player will not be able to carry on and defend himself. This would ultimately state that the other fighter is the true winner of the game.

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However, if there is no technical knockout and no other knockout for the player occurs during a fight, then the fight goes on the points.

In this case, the judge’s or referee’s awarded points are collectively added up at the end of the match and then the player with most points is called a winner.

Moreover, if these points are supposed to be equal for both players, the fight would be declared a draw.

All Rules Of Kickboxing:

Despite such energetic gameplay, the game is played by keeping the following rules in order. These rules are given as follows.

A Fair Fight:

A fight is only a fair fight when any competitor in full contact kickboxing completes against a fighter in the same weight category as themselves to ensure that they are fighting a fair fight.

Boxing Ring:

All the matches in kickboxing should be conducted in a ring.

Commencing The Fight:

When the referee’s instructions are into the minds of the players’ the game will start. Both the fighter touches each other glove and start fighting.

Timings For The Rounds:

Here, the rounds are usually of 3 minutes because they last only to this interval. However, the total number of rounds depends upon the experience of the fighters that are involved in the game. Moreover, each round has a 1-minute break in between. But those championship fights are usually of 12x 3-minute rounds.

The Ultimate Attempts:

The attempts a player makes to knock out his opponent player must be by using kicks and punches. These should be to the body and head of the opponent player until he gets knocked down.

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Final Thoughts:

Lastly, I would only say that you have been entertained while reading all kickboxing rules if you have followed this guide up to this point. And I know that there is nothing that would have been difficult to understand about this game. But if you still have queries to ask, you are most welcome through the comment box. For sure, thanks for giving your time for today. Take good care of yourself and have a blessed day.

See you at the next one!

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