All About Fencing Rules

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To know all about fencing rules means knowing about a game that has a long history and is one of just five sports to have featured in every single modern Olympic Games. In the United Kingdom only, it maintains something of an elitist reputation. On top of that, in part due to its association with the aristocratic dueling. However, there are moves to make it a little more inclusive on all notes.

On the other hand, this fencing is also known as an Olympic Fencing Sport having a classical Fencing system. It is entirely a martial art game and historical fencing has other variants of this sport. Therefore, our entire focus inside this article would be based on the three unique and different branches of this game. Here, I would like to share about the foil, Sabre, and epee versions of this fencing sport. Also, for a little addended confusion, the sport is sometimes known as Competitive Fencing.

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The Ultimate Fencing Sports Objective:

In a match of fencing, your entire mission would be focused on hitting your opponent with the weapon you are using. Plus, you have to keep yourself safe from being hit. In this case, the objective is so simple. In addition to this, it is a ruthless way of playing because if you would get it wrong, it’s gonna be painful.

The Players Inside Fencing Sport:

Until now, this fencing sport has been conducted only between one vs one player. But despite this, there are teams that participate in the team events to make things happen and compete against each other. So, it always depends on the organization which is contesting this match of fencing at their home ground.

The Pieces Of Equipment Inside Fencing Sport:

Here, the most important piece of equipment or the thing you required to play this game most is itself the weapon. These weapons are of three types as given follows.

  • The Epee is one of the heaviest sword to carry.
  • The foil is indeed a lighter Thrusting weapon to carry.
  • The Sabre is a cutting and thrusting weapon which is derived from the cavalry sword.
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An Electric Scoring System:

To register the scores players, the swords are actually very electronically sensitive. It is just like the scoring areas of the body. These are connected to the body by a cord to the scoring box. in this case, whenever there is a strike being registered and happen, there is an audible tone and a light to see illuminating through these systems.

Equipment To Minimize Injury:

Here, inside a fencing match, the fencers need to wear a wide variety of protective attire in order to minimize the chance of having a fear of any injury. These pieces of equipment include the following.

  • A mask for the players.
  • A helmet that completely covers the head and usually has a tough mesh. Such helmets have those on the front side through which all the fencers can easily se bit which is strong enough to repel the weapons.
  • There shall be a fencing jacket to wear by the players in a match.
  • A pair of gloves and pads are also required to play this fencing match.
  • These all equipment help you cover and save your body from getting hurt or injured by the attack of the opponent player.

The Area Of Competition:

The fencers are required to play or compete with each other on a Piste which is usually 46 feet long and have a width of around six feet. In addition to that, this Piste has a central line by having an on guard lines six feet to either side across the width of the Piste. This is supposed to be the place where the fencers start their every single round.

How Does Scoring happen In Fencing?

In match fencing, the scoring is usually done differently in almost three variants of the fencing. This is supposed to happen in the following ways.

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When Using Foil—When the foil is only used, only the strikes to the Torso, Neck, Back Count and Groin and the points to this can only be won using the tip of the weapon. These must not be counted by using the side of the blade.

When Using Sabre—When the Sabre is being used, the strikes beneath the waist will not get counted. The rule originating in the cavalry days when striking an opponent’s horse was considered ungentlemanly.

Here, the hands usually do not get registered as a hit. But the participants or competitors may use both the tip and the blade of the Sabre to score a point.

On the other hand, in the matter of foil, the players should strike each other at the meantime and the referee will likely to use the “right of way”. This goes awarding the point to the competitor who usually began their full attack at first.

Scoring With Epee—By using the epee, the right rule doesn’t apply and both fencers may score simultaneously. Unless and until it is the total deciding point when neither strike counts. Plus, only the tip of the weapon may be used and the entire body is usually a target of the epee.

How Does Winning Come In Fencing?

In any Olympic Competition for the Fencing game, the matches are usually contested and played over a period of almost three minute rounds. With that, the winner being either the one having almost 15 points or usually whoever has the most hits after the three rounds total. But there are still some other scoring protocols that exist and are usually based on the first fencer to a predetermined number of points. Here, a five-point/three minute system is quote common for the players.

All Fencing Rules:

The game possesses some unique rules that you need to keep in mind while playing it. These rules are highly appreciated and described as follows.

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The Beginning And Ending Of The Match:

At the beginning and the ending of every match being conducted for fencing, the fencers have to salute one another and to the referee. However, if due to any reason players fail to do so, it will ultimately result in losing of a point of the winner. Or even it may result in the suspension of the loser.

The Scoring Points:

Here, the points for the players are scored by hitting any opponent in accordance with the specific requirements for the type of the weapon being used. These weapons are described above and you can read about them deeply.

For Different Swords:

In a foil play, the strikers strike outside the target area will stop the contest even before resuming a fresh. However, the strikes with the blade whilst not being counted, will not stop the action. And the remaining rule eventually applies to the epee.

Penalty Points:

Barging the player’s opponent, using a player’s hand to simply cover the target zone or the foot faults can lead to a points penalty. This happens at the referee’s discretion when things are going complicated.

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Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, I hope that you have completely known all fencing rules if you have followed this guide till this end. There is nothing complicated and hard to understand if you know what you are looking for. Besides, I have explained a lot of other games on this website which you may find interesting to read. But never mind as in any near future, if you consider yourself looking to read about any other game, you are most welcome here.

Overall, thanks for being here and I appreciate the time you have spent with us. Be happy and keep spreading love. See you soon!

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