Taekwondo Rules: How to Play

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Do you love playing martial art and Judo Karate Games? Because in this topic, I will share all the common Taekwondo rules with some smooth action and fun. The game is a Korean Martial Art and one of the highly recognized Olympic Sports. It was developed during World War 2 in Korea. However, it was built by many martial artists. Still, the game was usually one of a kind to be attributed to only the general and Martial Artist Choi Hong Hi. The game is originally based on the Korean Martial Arts of Taekyeon, Gwonbeop, Subak, and many other native beliefs. It has all those significant elements of other martial arts games, including Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese karate.

Interesting and want to read more? Take your next step, and let’s start describing everything a player can do inside the Taekwondo.

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The History Of Taekwondo:

The game has been here for many evaluations and has been a significant part of the Olympic Games since 1988. Many bodies organize Taekwondo, including the ITF(International Taekwondo Federation) and the WTF( World Taekwondo Federation). The martial art games include everything in the list of Kicking, jumping kicks, and head heights. There are skills that a player needs to have for playing or participating in this sport.

Objective Of The Taekwondo:

Whenever a player participates in the Taekwondo Competition, his only objective is to land as many kicks and punches as he can on the opponent player. These punches and kicks must be as powerful and accurate as the player can deliver them on the go.

Because the score counters will never count those light tapping kicks or if there are any electronic scoring systems while playing in great competition. When there is a completion of almost 3 rounds, the player who has the most scores will be declared the winner of the game. However, this game might end even before one player kicks off the other player and knock it out.

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Taekwondo has 5 tenets to follow for all the competitors, whether participating in the game or not. This includes Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, and more.

Players Inside The Game:

In a real Taekwondo competition, all the fighters compete against each other who matches the same sex as men against men and women against women. These matches are also placed in the weight categories to ensure that the matches must be evenly placed and held as pure as possible. Moreover, if there are junior competitions, you would also find the relevant age categories for the following.

Equipment You Should Wear:

Inside the game, the player wears a special type of outfit called a gi. However, it is a name the Japanese give to those martial arts. But the proper term Korean may use for this game is Dobok. Besides that, the uniform includes a colorful bat that is tied around the uniform on the middle side. These belts have unique colors, and different grades signify how experienced, talented, and trained a practitioner is.

This belt system is very easy to understand because it is awarded for beginners to the experts. For beginners, they are awarded a white belt. Then the series continues as Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black for the most experienced fighter.

Those with black belts having and receiving start receiving the DAN grades the way they make some progress further into their expertise and the everlasting experience. Moreover, for equipment, every participant must wear different gear to keep themselves safe and secure. These are given as follows:

  • Head guard
  • Chest (trunk) protector
  • Groin guard
  • Forearm guards
  • Hand protectors
  • Shin guards
  • Mouth guard
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How Does Scoring Happen Here?

In the Taekwondo match, scoring is simpler than you might have imagined.

  • The player is awarded one point if he attacks the Opponent’s Torso.
  • Two points will be given to the player if a spinning kick comes to the Opponent’s Torso.
  • The player will be given 3 points if he kicks the opponent’s head.

However, when international and major competitions happen, management usually places some Electronic Scoring Systems. These systems are usually placed between each player’s chest protector. Plus, these are adjusted for the weight category of the fight.

While doing head kicks, there will be no placement of the electronic scoring system into the chest.

However, there will be a special panel of at least 3 or 4 judges who will push the button for the point to indicate that a point has been indicated and gained by the one who kicks it. There must be the mutual agreement of 3 judges for insurance and acceptance of the point.

How To Win In Taekwondo?

When the fighting is over after almost 3 rounds of 2 minutes, the winner will be the person having more points. A golden point round will be played between the players if both players have an equal amount of scores. This will decide who is the actual winner of the game.

But for this round, the winner will only be the one who will score at first. Moreover, the game’s match can easily be won even earlier than completing all the rounds if a player is able to beat off the other person and knock him down.

All The Rules Of Taekwondo:

The game lies around some simple rules that a fighter needs to keep in his mind while fighting or to participate in international matches. These are given as follows.

Matches Between Same-Sex:

This game can only be played with certain age specifications, sex, and weight categories between players.

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Competition Ground:

The place where the competition would take place covers an area of only 8 meters squared.

Matches Round And Rest:

Taekwondo would be placed between 3 rounds of 2 minutes and have a rest of at least 1 minute between them.

Scoring Rules:

Every player tries to knock the opposing player down. This happens by landing blows on the rival’s torso or head. That’s important to note that the kicks are allowed on the head and torso. But the punches are only allowed on your body. Also, if you go below the waist, this is not permitted.


The fighter or his coach may protest against the judges if they think a point has been missed mistakenly or intentionally. There is a video replay where the judges can make an easy decision.


There can be many penalties leading to the players losing the points. This all comes from the following things.

  • Feigning injury
  • Turning your back on your opponent
  • Punching to the face
  • Stepping out of the ring with both feet
  • Attacking with knee
  • Pushing, holding, or grabbing your opponent
  • Attacking below the waist

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Final Thoughts:

Has this game inspired you to win a battle against your friends? After knowing all the rules of Taekwondo, I know you might be willing to try it with your friend. Undoubtedly, you cannot play the game if you don’t have the relevant expertise. First, you need to learn and then come to fight these battles. Absolutely, you will do the same as I am saying and will never try to hurt yourself.

Moreover, if you liked the article, don’t forget to share it with others. Have a cool breeze, smooth air, and awesome life. See you at the next one!

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