All Rules of Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

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I am damn sure I know that you already know all the rules of table tennis because I know that sooner or later, you have played this game sooner or later. It could have been played anywhere inside the college, your school, with friends, or the club. This very famous game has been here and has been a significant part of the Olympic Sports since 1988. Table Tennis is highly popular in ASIA even though the game is played worldwide. This goes from the dusty streets of Ethiopia to the Public Schools of Rural England.

It was a time 19th century when table tennis started in England. It was first known as a postprandial parlor game for the upper-class people. Also, the ball’s historical name is “Ping Pong.” However, as the game started becoming famous, it got a more traditional name of Table Tennis, and today it is known by both names.

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Main Objective Of Table Tennis:

After certain changes in the game and from 2001, it has become the traditional aim of the game to score at least 11 points which were 21 previously. The player needs to do that by hitting the ball coming from the opponent into the net.

It includes either hitting it off the table or missing the ball completely. The Ping Pong matches are usually conducted in the best of five, nine, or seven games.

 But whoever is able to make the 11 points first becomes the winner of the game. But remember that the player has to do this score in the four or five games respectively.

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Players In Table Tennis:

The game of ping pong or table tennis is to be played between single-single players, Double-Double players, or Single-Double players (only on special occasions like family gatherings, etc.). So, when there is a single person on one side of the table. There must be a single person on the other side of the table.

And when the team combines two people, both can enjoy and compete with each other at that ping pong table.

Equipment Needed To Play Table Tennis:

The Ping pong comes with the following list of types of equipment in order to ensure that players are playing it according to the rules and regulations.

  • There must be a 40mm diameter in the form of a table
  • A white or orange table tennis ball that must weigh 2.7g
  • Rackets for both players are being called bats in the united kingdom and paddles in the United States Of America.
  • These rackets must-have colors as red on one side and black on the other side
  • The table must have a measurement of 2.74m long, which is approximately equal to 9ft. 76cm high, approximately 30 inches, and 1.52 meters wide.
  • This table usually comes in blue or green with a 15.25cm, approximately equal to a 6-inch net.

These things must be ensured before starting the official tournament of Table Tennis or Ping Pong.

How Do Players Score In Table Tennis?

The score happens through,

  • Forcing the opponent player to hit the ball long or wide of the table
  • Into the net

Or by playing a different shot that makes the opponent person unable to hit the ball at all.

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Moreover, when there is service on your side, and you have to serve it, you will lose a point if you fail against your opponent for not delivering a good service.

These missing points include the ball returning to the server-side of the table.

In table tennis, volleying the ball is not allowed at all. Also, the game doesn’t involve obstructing it.

Moreover, if you do a double hit to the ball, it will also give a point to your opponent player. While playing ping pong, always remember to count the edges of the table but not any sides.

How Do A Player Wins In Table Tennis?

In ping pong, there is no rule for winning the game except for scoring more points than your opponent does.

If you are the first person to reach the allotted number of games, usually four, five, or three, you will be declared the winner of the game.

You must have to win 11 points in all circumstances in order to win this game. However, if the score becomes equal to 10-10, the person or the player who scores the first 2 points will be rewarded as a winner.

All Rules Of Ping Pong Or Table Tennis:

The game is based on the following specific rules. Please have a look!

Pre Agreed Number Of Points:

  • Before starting the game, there must be an agreement between the players to reach the exact number of points for winning. It is usually counted as 11 points.

Beginning The Match:

  • The match begins when a coin is tossed and determines which player will take the first serve.
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  • The service must be made from an open palm, and each table tennis player must serve twice.
  • The ball is to be tossed almost 6 inches before getting struck so it could bounce on the service side. It then clears the net and bounces towards the receiver’s side.

On Finishing Game:

  • After the completion of every game, the one-side player must change their position towards the other side of the table.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, everything about all rules of table tennis has been cleared to you if you have successfully read the post to this end. Let me know if you have some specific queries, as I am here to answer them. Plus, this was all for today, and keep coming for more latest updates on games, sports, and things like that. Take care of yourself. Keep playing and stay healthy; stay alive!

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