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You might have played handball at your school level and I am pretty sure that you know better about it. But knowing all about handball is still a discovery that you might haven’t done yet. The Handball game which is variously known as a “Team Ball” the “ European handball” “Olympic handball” and the Borden Ball is something that has been here and played between two teams based on almost seven players.

There, six players are the field players and one is a Goalie. They compete against one another. In this game, the six players have to pass the ball from one player to another one. Plus, they have to attempt the hurl it into the other team’s goal post. Here, the play time is divided into a total of two 30 minutes halves.

Ultimately, when a game of handball is played, the team that scores the most goals will be declared the winner of the game. To play this game, it is always considered that the inside environment is better for it. However, there are certain variations that may lead you to play this game outside as well.

The version of the game which is Field Handball and Czech Handball are two of the most types of the game which is also collectively called Sandball. Here, a large number of individuals are drawn because of the fast paced and physical contacting nature of this sport. Just because of having a narrow court, goal scoring always occurs often in very large quantities. This keeps the spectators enthralled. However, in a match, the average goal would always be equal to 20 goals per game. But in the past, these goals have even been up to 30 goals per game.

A Brief History Of Handball:

The most prominent places from where this game started and arose were the northern areas of Europe. In a comprehensive noticeable manner, it was especially Germany and Scandinavia. This happened around the very end of the 19th century. But that’s the only side to take a look at. The most contemporary game of this handball was created in 1917 in Germany. But from that period, the game has been gone from various changes.

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In handball, the very first game for the men was played in 1925. , the first-ever international Handball game for women was officially played in 1930.

For Summer Olympics, the game made its space into the competitions or sports in the 1936 Berlin games. After that, it made an appearance in 1972 in Munich Games which were also held in Germany as well.

In that case, the first game was held outside and the second one was indoors respectively. In 1976, Montreal games saw a very addition of women’s version for this specific game.

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The Objective Of Handball:

The game has only one objective that encourages you to do more goals and score more points than that your opponent. In a fully officially conducted match of handball, a regular team plays for almost 60 minutes. This time period is divided into two equal 30 minutes sessions which are also separated by a 15-minute break. The session length might be decreased to 20 minutes for the younger players.

Which Federation Is Organizing Handball Worldwide?

There is no doubt that that sport or game is officially governed by the International Handball federation. This federation was founded in 1947 and has a full collection of up to 174 members. Since, in the year of 1938, every continental European team has won the least one Olympic medal. This makes it extremely popular in those regions of the world.

The Current Impact Of Handball Worldwide:

There is no doubt that the game’s past may even be traced a way back to all those Medieval times. However, it was Denmark 1906 was named for the first modern regulations that were developed at that time period. Handball is very popular in all those Northern and Eastern European areas. But you will also find it being played worldwide.

For the game’s regulation organization, the International Handball Federation is working and providing everything. The federation has a high duty of hosting those World Championships. In this day’s globe, there are estimated to be approximately 19 million handball players all across the world.

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How Does Scoring Happen In Handball?

The scoring is very simple and pretty easy to understand. In a match like that, a goal is usually scored when the ball is thrown into the opponent’s Goal.

How Does Winning Come In Handball?

To win this pretty fantastic game of handball, you have to and you should score more than that of your opponent team.

But if the match gets drawn then there could be overtime which is given to the playing teams. This includes a maximum of 25 minutes. However, if the scores are still level even after this, there will be a shoot that is used to determine the winner of the game.

How Many Players In Handball?

The total number of players in an official handball match is seven. Therefore, each team can have a total of seven players of which six players are outfield players and only one is the Goalkeeper. Besides, a team is also allowed to have almost seven replacements. These replacements can be used at any point even without informing the officials.

The Equipment Inside Handball:

The only equipment required to play this game of handball is balls and goals. Besides, there is a crease or a zone which is a semi-circle that is surrounded by each goal area. On top of that, a dashed semi-circle line extends almost 9 meters from the goal marks to the free throw line.

The Handball Ball Used In A Game:

The ball used in an official handball match is made of leather or synthetic material. It shall be tiny enough to fit even inside the palm of the player’s hand. Besides, this ball may be contested in almost three different sizes as a full result of this. These balls include the following.

A ball with a circumference of 50 to 53 cm. It is for people or persons above the age of Eight.

The second one is a ball with a circumference of 54-56 cm for women and men aged 12 to 16.

And the third one is based on the circumference of 58 to 60 cm for males aged 16 and even upper than that.

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The court would be based on two goals and a ball which is used to play this game of handball. Besides, the teams will have to wear uniforms in officially conducted games.

The Handball Court Size:

The court in which this game of handball shall be played is 40m long and 20m wide. This handball court has a playing area of almost 2 goal areas. Besides, the longer boundary lines are also called sidelines. And the sorter ones inside the goal are called the goal lines. Besides, it is usually present between the goalposts or the outer goal lines on either side of the goalposts.

All Handball Rules:

In a handball match, there shall be following set of rules to follow for all the players. These include the following specific set of rules.

In a game of handball, every match shall be based upon 30 minutes halves.

The players dedicated as outfield players can use any portion of their body which is above the knee to contact the ball.

In any case, if a player has gained possession, he or she can pass, shoot or keep up that possession.

Besides, if any player inside the game match has possession, he or she can dribble or take three full steps without dribbling for up to almost three seconds.

The goalie is the only person who is permitted to encounter the goal area’s floor.

Moreover, the goalkeepers are permitted to leave the goal area. But they should not maintain control if they have to do any of this.

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Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, if I can see you here at the end of the post, you probably have known all about handball. And there is no need that I shall tell you more about such awesome gameplay. However, if you have queries to ask, please use the comment box and do let me know in any case.

But for today, its been a huge pleasure to see you on this ground. Keep visiting and keep getting more information about different sports and their rules. Have a very nice day to you!

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