All Rules Of Roller Derby

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Get ready to know all rules of roller derby, which is one of the most popular sports being played in the United States Of America. Plus an entire range of other countries all over the world. Competitors and spectators enjoy the game fully because here, you find a full packet of action and excitement that never ends throughout the match.

No doubt that there are a vast number of governing bodies that organize this sport. But until now, one of the most significant and biggest ones is the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. This organization works a great deal and looks after over 400 leagues. This reflects the fact that roller derby is predominantly played by many teams of women across the world.

But that’s only one side of the picture. As there are more and more numbers of men taking up participation in this game, there is another governing body which is called, The Men’s Roller Derby Association. It is organized or formed so that it should look after the men’s side of the game.

Moreover, many countries worldwide have their own national governing bodies working and making things simpler.

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The Main Objective Of Roller Derby:

Here, what could be an alternative objective teams have to follow except scoring more points against each other? Obviously, the game has a simple and unique objective that includes every team winning more points than the opposition. These points are supposed to be awarded when an offensive player of one team, known as jammers, tries and laps an opposing team member.

In this full-contact support, the defensive players participating or playing on the offensive team side or the opposing team side are known as hookers and can use their physical force with more energy to stop these jammers from passing them. Plus, helping to clear or clean the way for their own jammers.

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Players Inside Roller Derby:

In every match being played in the roller derby, there are 14 members to participate in a single team. However, on the field, there will be 5 players, 4 players will have the duties of blockers, and one will act as a jammer. This is the only person on each team who is officially allowed to score.

These jammers are usually signified by the help of a star that has to wear on their hamlet. Of those 4 blockers, one is called a Pivot. He acts like a captain or the pack leader who performs the duties of defensive play calls.

Equipment Inside Roller Derby:

Inside the game are quad roller skates for the players to skate rather than those regular inline skates. Such skates or quad skates come with smaller wheelbases, which means there will be less chance of skaters tripping off each other’s skates.

Moreover, these skates are generally more stable as well as easier to control. This makes things easier for the players. It is to be done by keeping in mind the combative nature of the sport.

Moreover, there are other equipments that players may need or require to wear while the match to ensure safety and guard protection. These include the following.

  1. Mouth Guards
  2. Knee and Elbow Pads
  3. Wrist Guards and a Helmet

However, sometimes a gender-specific protective gear may also be worn. This includes protective sports bras for the women and a groin guard for the men.

How To Score In Roller Derby?

In roller derby, scoring only happens or occurs during periods of time known as jams. Such types of jams occur throughout each half and last for up to two minutes at a time interval. In this way, the lead jammer can call them off earlier.

Points in this game are scored during the jam when a specific team’s jammer laps numbers of other opposing teams. In order to try and prevent this, the opposing team has to use a full host of tactics, including blocking and body contact.

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These efforts are made to try and prevent these happenings. These jammers are good at scoring a point for each member of the opposite team that they lap with their courage and power.

How Does Winning Come In Roller Derby?

At the end of a specific match, any team with a greater number of points is deemed the winner of this sport. It is a fact that Roller Derby matches are not allowed to end in any type of tie; an overtime or extra time jam usually occurs to determine the original winner.

Inside this overtime jam, there will be no lead jammer. And throughout such time, the team has a greater number of points at the end of that time interval will be declared the winner of the game.

However, if the match still goes tied, there will be a lot of successive jams that will go and keep occurring until a real winner has been found.

All Rules Of Roller Derby:

The game has the following rules that each team has to follow. Because if they will not, there will not be equal playtime between the teams. These rules are given as follows.

Time For Derby Matches:

Every derby match has two periods and is played that way, lasting up to 30 minutes each.

The Track:

A roller derby match is played on an oval track. At the begging of every derby match, the players, or simply called blockers from each team participating in the competition, skate as a single pack around the track.

In this case, there comes a time when the pack passes that starting line, and the last member of the track should be 30 feet from that track. Here, a whistle is blown that signals the two jammers participating, each one from a single team, to begin skating.

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Rule For Jammer:

In a match, every jammer needs to skate as fast as he can, and then he should fight his own way through the pack. In this case, once this gets done, nobody can stop these jammers from scoring as they settle themselves in the right positions.

After that, each jammer is supposed to score by racing around the Roller Derby Track. Plus, overtaking or lapping the other members of the opposite team. In this case, every passing beside the opposition team member by the jammer results in scoring one point.

Rule For Blockers:

In roller derby, those performing the blocker part can use their physical force to prevent the opposition jammer from passing them. Then scoring. Here, each jam is supposed to last for almost two minutes.


In this game, there are various reasons for which the penalties can be issues. These include the following.

  • Blocking above the shoulder
  • Charging from the rear
  • Blocking by using an arm below the elbow
  • Tripping
  • Blocking a player when out of the bounds

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Final Discussion:

Lastly, I can only say that knowing All rules of roller derby is only important for those who have the firm belief to play this game and win. Because it requires stamina, effort, strong physics, and tremendous athlete with all the tricks and techniques. A skinny guy should not enter such a sport. Moreover, every year, plenty of matches are played in this game, showing the importance of roller derby worldwide. And I hope that I have tried to mention each and everything about this sport in this article. Please don’t ever feel hesitant to let me know about your queries. I am here to solve them.

Well, thanks for reading and quality time. Have a big day!

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