General Rules of Sepak Takraw

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Welcome and find yourself home if you are here to know all rules of Sepak Takraw in this article. The game is just another version of Volleyball that officially originated in Southeast Asia. In Sepak Takraw, there comes a total literal translation of “Kick Ball,” where a total of 3 players compete against their rivals. This competition is being held on a Volleyball Style court with a Net integrated into the middle of that court.

The game has a lot of fun to know and requires strong stamina for a player to participate in it. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s get started with all rules of sepak takraw.

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A Brief History Of Sepak Takraw:

Sepak Takraw’s history is way older than you might have imagined. It normally goes back to the 15th century, bringing some slightly different game versions. It was being played in the various parts of Southeast Asia in those times and early periods of the 15th century.

However, in 1940, it was the time when the first set of some officially formalized rules was introduced there, and the game took its official name with Sepak Takraw. This was done with the ISTAF, the International Sepak Takraw Federation, a leading organization governing this sport in the entire world. When that happened, the game started having more popularity over the proceeding years from one.

Moreover, the game started gaining more popularity even Outside Southeast Asia as it is entirely popular in the USA, CANADA, and other relative western countries. This is also famous among those southeast Asian Communities being a part of the world.

The game is popular in Southeast Asia, and it is also popular in Malaysia. The game is also known as Sepak Raga in Malaysia. In Thailand, it is popular with the name of Takraw only. In this way, it leaves wide popularity of its being in the world with unique names and highly playing volume.

The Main Objective Of The Sepak Takraw:

One thing is for sure this game is a similar version of Volleyball. However, players are not directly allowed to use their hands to play with the ball in this one. But they are only allowed to use different parts of their bodies, including their feet, knees, heads, and chests, to touch that ball.

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The game has no other objective despite making you always do more scores or points than your competitor. Here, the players die to win as the game requires much sportsmanship and courage on the battlefield.

The players fight and make their opposite players commit a fault that eventually gives them another score. However, the game has a slightly different version with the name of Chin Lone in Myanmar (BURMA).

Here, teams actually play all together, and the game is considered more of an art than a game. Because the players have no aim for beating any opposition. But they need to keep that ball aloft in increasingly interesting as well as graceful ways. So, players have to score more in order to win these battles and ultimately win the match.

Players Inside The Sepak Takraw:

This sport comes having a match between two teams, each with three players set to play in a specific position. These positions are dedicated as follows.

The Tiangong, where a player tends to stand furthest back on the court.

An Inside Left and an Inside Right collect the players who play exactly to the closest side of the Net on each side of the courts.

These are the only things that should be kept in mind regarding players and their way of choosing.

Equipment To Have Inside Sepak Takraw:

While playing the Sepak Takraw, the balls used are usually made up of several Synthetic Materials.

Plus, these balls must be approved regularly by ISTAF if they are being used in the competition. Moreover, these balls must be ‘woven’ and should have 12 holes with 20 interactions. Also, such balls include the regulation size as well as weight.

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The matches of this game are being conducted on a court similar to a double-sized badminton court. It has 13.4 x 6.1 meters and a net stretched across the center.

The height of that Net is supposed to be 1.5m for the men. And it must be 1.42m for women. This equipment or things ensure a clean game playing whenever teams enter the ground.

How To Score In Sepak Takraw?

In sepak takraw, scoring is simply recordable. Because each side with which the player plays with the ball is assigned a specific number of points.

However, this scoring happens when their opponents are at fault and are not to make points. These faults, which always result in a point for the opposition, include the following.

  • When a Tekong jumps off the ground to do service
  • Accidentally touching the ball on the opposing side
  • When the ball doesn’t be able to cross the opposition’s half
  • When the tekong doesn’t lick the ball while doing a service
  • Ball going over the Net but landing outside the court boundaries
  • When the ball impacts the ceiling of the roof or any other object present, there
  • When a player holds or grabs the ball
  • If that ball touches anybody’s arm
  • When a player plays the ball for more than 3 times in an entire row
  • Whenever any inside player has their hands over the ball while making a simple throw

How Does Winning Come In Sepak Takraw?

The winner will only be the one who will be the first to win two sets. To win each set, a team must score almost 21 points. However, a tie-breaker will be played if a specific set of points gets tied at 21-21.

When that game is played, the first team that is supposed to open up the lead and get two points or reach the maximum number of 25 points first will be declared the winner of the match.

However, the game requires the player to have a strong body, fitness, flexibility, and excellent teamwork to successfully lead itself to the winning ground.

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All Rules Of Sepak Takraw:

The game has the following set of rules with all variants that are being played worldwide. Therefore, all the players must abide by these rules in order to play it more generously.

Number Of Players:

The game has to have only three players on each team. And there are entire two teams that compete against each other.

ITSAF Regulations:

The matches must be played on a unique court that matches all the regulations of the set of rules organized by ITSAF.

Starting The Match:

Whichever team wins in tossing the coin is supposed to be the first one commencing the match.

However, such play begins when the help of a teammate throws the server the ball. Plus, at the same time, he kicks the ball over the Net while keeping his one foot in the service article.

Maximum Number Of Touches:

Every player inside Sepak Takraw has the chance of three touches of the ball. And then he needs to return that ball over the Net. This has to be done without letting the ball touch the ground.

However, if a player cannot do that and the ball hits the ground before it goes over the Net, a point will be served for the opposition’s betterment.

Final Thoughts:

The only reason this game is much famous is because of its different style of playing. Here, players must have strong gymnastics and physical structures to ensure that winning only comes when hard work is done. So, I hope you learned all rules of Sepak Takraw. And I do hope that you loved reading this information. If you have queries to ask, you are most welcome.

By the way, thanks for reading and spending your time here. I have done my part, and don’t forget to do yours by sharing it with others. Thanks for reading and spending time. Have a blessed day! And don’t forget to come for more information about different sports.

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