All Rules of Throwball

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A game between two players that don’t require touching and is somewhat similar to volleyball is here to win your hearts. In this post, I am going to share all rules of throwball. This exciting game is played between two teams having seven players. However, it looks pretty the same as the volleyball on the surface but does come with some alternative differences. The main similarity you can find here is that the throwball is to be played on a court having two parts with a net In the middle, just like the volleyball. But the difference here is that you play the game on a much larger court than a volleyball court.

Did you find the above lines exciting and want to read more? Please do not leave me here. Let’s get started!

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The Rise Of Throwball Game:

In the Indian subcontinent, the game is famous and widely played even though throwball is played worldwide. Its fame and popularity can be seen where there are sizeable Indian communities. The game has its official origin In England, where women played it. But then YMCA brought it to India’s famous city Chennai in the 1940s.

While in 1955, the Harry Crowe Buck Of the YMCA wrote the first rules of throwball. At that time, the sport gradually started growing in the coming years.

Because in 1985, the Throwball Federation Of India was developed to organize throwball matches in the state.

Fundamental Difference Between Volleyball And Throwball:

The main difference between these two games is that there is no Volleying in the throwball. As the name suggests, the players must throw them into the opposite area despite dodging the balls. The opponent team must prevent that point from being scored by catching that ball and, at the same time, returning it.

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The sport is thrilling, exciting, and full of action that begins from the first minute. That’s why today, the sport is highly known all over the world for most reasons.

The Ultimate Objective Of The Game:

Like other high-end sports, throwball also has the same rule: scoring more points than your competitors and winning the game. In every set, you have you score more points. If you can make 15 points in the first set, you will be the winner. However, sometimes, you will have to win two sets of 30 points, and you are the original winner of this game.

The players try their best to throw the ball into their opponent’s half, believing they will fail to return it. This will add a point to the throwing team.

Moreover, clear understating and fair communication between the players must be kept in mind. Because any confusion during the playtime may lead to losing the game.

Players Selection Rule:

There are a total of 12 players in each game to select. Substitutes can also participate if needed because the officials will play only in seven numbers.

Equipment And Court Specifications:

When deciding what equipment and tools a player need to play the game, there is no complicated decision-making.

Because players need no special pieces of equipment, instead, they need shorts and a team jersey having their team numbers printed on the backside. The ball you would use for playing is a throwball, somewhat similar to volleyball. But it is a little larger.

On the court side, it is a bit larger than the court you have in the volleyball. This measures 12.2m by 18.3m. The net height of the court is 2.2 meters.

What About Scoring?

In the throwball game, the score only happens when the opponent team faults. It is similar to scoring in throwball as you do in volleyball. The faults that the opponent team may have been given as follows:

  • The team failed to give back the ball over the net
  • If the player in any team touches the ball two times
  • Accidently or intentionally touching the net
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Therefore, these things should not happen for clean and smooth gameplay in the throwball!

How To Win Inside Throwball?

The matches you play inside the throwball come consisting a total number of three sets. Any team who wins the two sets between these sets is called the winner. In each set, the team has to score 15 points to ensure that the team is eager to win the game. However, as the game is fast-paced, teamwork and fitness are the keys to successfully playing and beating the rival.

All Rules Of Throwball:

Despite such an enthusiastic and charming gameplay, there are rules to follow for players. Therefore, please look at what you need to take care of while playing throwball.

Placement Of Net In The Court:

While considering the descriptions mentioned above of court size, a net should be placed in the center having 2.2m in height.

Players Selection:

This game shall be played between two teams only. Here, each team must come up with a total of 12 players. Between these, 7 can be active on the ground at one time. But, the other players can be used as substitutes when needed.


Service inside throwball happens or is done as fast as possible after the referee gives a whistle sign. This happens at the start of the game or when a point is scored. The service is usually done behind the back line towards any area of the opposition’s side.

Losing Points:

Winning is too difficult if you keep making mistakes over and over again. Because here, if any team fails to return the ball or do services, hit the net, catch the ball or do something like this, this will result in the team losing the point. Or being called a fault.

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Treatment With The Balls:

The players should not apply the same volleyball rule with the balls here. These balls shouldn’t be volleyed at all. Instead, the players must throw the balls and catch them. This also involves throwing the balls quickly back. In this way, every ball must be released so that it must go above or below the shoulder line only.

Rule About Passes:

Sorry but there are no passes players must be careful about. Because as soon as the balls come to the player, he must throw them over the net asap.

Moreover, two players simultaneously cannot have the ball or intent to catch it anyway.

Players Dressing:

That’s important to note that it doesn’t matter if you play in a championship or with friends. Your team must be properly dressed. The dressing includes wearing every player a shirt or jersey. Shorts and jerseys must have the numbers printed on the backside.

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Final Wording:

Have you read the article fully and motivated enough to arrange a team of your own to play throwball after knowing all rules of throwball? Because I would be glad if you plan to do something like that. However, even if there is something you didn’t like, share, or want to add more, or ask, your queries and suggestions are all welcome.

Overall, thanks for spending time and reading this post. Take care of yourself and keep visiting for the latest news on sports. See you soon!

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